Rapala Fat Rap Shallow Running Bibbed Minnow designed shallow water

Rapala Floating Minnow.
Rapala Floating Minnow.

Rapala Fat Rap Shallow Running bibbed Minnow

Rapala Fat Rap Shallow Running Minnow
Rapala Fat Rap Minnows. Here are three old Rapala Shallow Fat Rap SFR-5, 2″ shallow running crankbaits.

Now discontinued, the Rapala Fat Rap SFR-5, weighed 8 gms. It has a tight swaying action when retrieved. This lure is now quite rare so you would be best not to risk losing yours if you have one in your tackle book. It was designed to run between 3 and 6 feet beneath the surface when retrieved, but when you stopped winding it would stop diving and return towards the surface. It was replaced by the smaller Mini Fat Rap which also has a different bib shape.

This little light-weight Rapala is deadly when fished in the right situation. It is designed to be fished in shallow water without snagging. The small clear plastic bib means it dives under and has a great swimming action, but won’t dive all the way to the bottom and bring up weed. The key to its effectiveness is adjusting your retrieve rate to find the optimum for the water you are fishing. When it comes to lure colour selection I prefer subdued nature fish colours.

Light-weight braid, with a fluorocarbon leader, is a must if you want to get reasonable casting distance and present the lure well in clear water. The ideal rod weight is 1-3 kg.

I remember catching brown trout on the Rapala Fat Rap years ago in the Arnold River, which flows out of Lake Brunner, Westland. In those days we were fishing with 6 lb monofilament. The little light-weight Rapala Fat Rap would more or less float on the surface until retrieved. By casting across and downstream the current would help to pull line from our eggbeater reels.  The Rapala Fat Rap produces an excellent wounded fish swimming action even at slow speeds. With its lightweight and well-designed bib, it can be retrieved slowly, to remained in the strike zone for an extended period. I was surprised at the willingness of small brown trout to hit this lure! Redfin perch also go for the Rapala Fat Rap.

The Rapala Fat Rap SFR-5 is now discontinued, but the way it is fished is very similar to the Rapala Jointed Shallow Shad Rap shown in this Rapala video.

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