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Johnson’s Super Special – Trout spin fishing lure

Johnson's Super Special The Johnson Super Special is made by the same Australian firm that makes the Super Kobra. Indeed…

Super Special or “Sneaky.”Note this Special has been rigged with a size 10 swivel and split ring. The body of the lure is 50mm in length making it only slightly longer than the small treble hook.

Johnson’s Super Special

The Johnson Super Special is made by the same Australian firm that makes the Super Kobra. Indeed it is available in the same range of approximately 70 different colours. I note that this lure is sometimes known as a “Sneaky.”

It is made from high impact plastic. The Super Special has no wings, instead, it relies on an angled front face to give it action through the water. The lure is quite small making it ideal for spinning in clear water to weary trout. It is also a good choice for trolling in clear and shallow water.

Johnson Super Lures brochure pdf. Please note we are providing this copy of the brochure as a service to our readers only. We do not sell these lures and we cannot say where you might purchase them. You might try contacting a tackle store to see if they are available.

The painted area is just 50 mm (2 inches) long. It has a small lead core to give it casting weight. Though it is only 7g the shape is compact so it casts quite well.

It also requires a line to be passed through the centre and tied to a hook. There are various methods of fixing the hook. Many anglers prefer to simply tie their monofilament fishing line directly to the hook. Some prefer to slide a small bead on where the treble touches the rear of the lure. Tying your line directly to the hook makes it harder for jumping rainbow trout to through the hook.

The lure has a wriggling action like that of a small bait fish. It is excellent to cast around shallow lake shores to cruising trout – particularly in clear water. Being so small the Super Special is best cast with 6 lb line, or even lighter.

This is the go-to spinning lure to try in clear water when the trout are able to get a good look at the lure during the retrieve. If trout are following your lure to the water’s edge without striking give the Sneaky a try!

Best trolling speed 2.5 kph.

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