Waimakariri River Salmon Fishing Competition winner 2012
Waimakariri River Salmon Fishing, McIntosh’s Rocks, 2km from Mouth 2017 Pics

Waimakariri River Salmon Fishing, McIntosh’s Rocks, 2kms from the Mouth 2017 Salmon Pics, Video and Report.

A good size salmon each for these anglers fishing the Waimakariri River 2012.
Waimakariri River Trout and Salmon, 91 photos, maps, access

Waimakariri River Trout and Salmon Fishing Sea-run Brown Trout – October to December Waimakariri River.

Chinook salmon caught at Macintoshes, Waimakariri River, at the end of March 2007. It weighed 16 lbs. This fish was in excellent condition. Photograph courtesy of Greg Martin.
How long does it take to catch a salmon?

Putting in the hours! The 2006/2007 salmon season has seen the first marked improvement in.