Sting-ray Nape Nape Beach.
Nape Nape Beach Surfcasting – Gurnard, blue moki, elephant fish

Nape Nape Beach Surfcasting Nape Nape Beach surfcasting location in North Canterbury. From Christchurch to.

Photograph: Surfcasters waiting for the sandbar behind these breakers to come up with the falling tide. Photo: DJ Moresby.
Fishing the Ninety Mile Beach Five Day Surfcasting Contest by DJ Moresby

This testing surfcasting Competition requires skill, knowledge and fitness to be successful! by Denis Moresby In.

Sevengill shark
Birdlings Flat – Sevengill Shark Surfcasting at Birdlings Flat

Surfcasting for Sharks by Allan Burgess On Saturday 15 May I caught another sevengill shark.

Surfcasters Belt
How to Make a Surfcasters Belt and Trolly

How to Make a Surfcasting Belt and Trolly Surfcasters can do a lot of walking.

Eagle Ray - Myliobatis tenuicaudatus
Eagle Ray caught Surfcasting in Golden Bay, Nelson

The Eagle Was Landed by Barry Toomey Eagle Ray – Myliobatis tenuicaudatus  My eagle ray.

This sevengill shark taken surfcasting from the beach at Birdlings Flat , just south of Banks Peninsula, took over an hour to land. It measured 8'3" in length.
Sevengill Sharks from the Surf – Large Shark Caught by Surfcasters

Surfcasting for Sevengill Sharks If there’s one sight in this world that’s sure to quicken.

Looking north down O'Neils Beach during the kahawai fishing contest.
Bethells and O’Neils Beaches Surfcasting Contest – Auckland

Bethells and O’Neils Beaches Surfcasting Contest A “trend” of 1990’s style sports fishing through out.

Amberley Beach featured
Amberley Beach Surfcasting Contest – Often won by a Skate

Amberley Beach Surfcasting Competition by Allan Burgess Amberley Beach is situated 40 km north of.

Surfcasting heavy sinkers.

Surfcasting Sinkers   Finding heavy weight surfcasting sinkers can be frustrating. There are two alternatives..

barracouta caught surfcasting at Birdlings Flat, Canterbury.
Barracouta – Surfcasting for barracouta with live baits at Birdlings Flat

Barracouta Surfcasting by Allan Burgess Jim wound line onto his Alvey, applied gentle pressure to.