The author with his Easter salmon. Salmon Fever.
Salmon Fever – I was inflicted by this strange new disease

Salmon Fever  by Merv Gardiner Salmon Fever! Now semi-retired, I decided to try my hand.

man holding bright silver salmon caught in the Rakaia River Gut in 2015.
Rakaia River Salmon Fishing Tips, Access, 71 photos, maps, video

Rakaia River Salmon Fishing – Latest pics and Videos Provided the sea and river are.

Allan Burgess with 26 pound salmon at the Rangitata River.
Rangitata River Salmon Fishing

Rangitata River Salmon Fishing Allan Burgess talks about salmon fishing at the Rangitata River mouth.

Brad Stuart with an early season salmon.
Prospects for the 2016-2017 Salmon Fishing Season

Brad Stuart with an Early Salmon for 2016/2017 Season It has been a difficult salmon.

Keith Reinke featured image. Waitaki River Salmon Fishing.
Waitaki River Salmon Fishing – Time of the Monster Salmon

Waitaki River Salmon Fishing The Waitaki River is regarded by salmon anglers as “big water.”.

Waimakariri salmon Greg.
Salmon Fishing – Waimakariri River, 2006 – 2007

Waimakariri River Salmon Season 2006 – 2007 The 2006/2007 salmon season has seen the first.

Salmon being released at Montrose hatchery, Rakaia River, Canterbury.
60,000 Salmon Smolt released at Montrose by North Canterbury F&G and Earthquake Damage

60,000 Salmon Smolt released by North Canterbury Fish & Game North Canterbury Fish & Game.

A super weekend's fishing. March 1955.
50 Years of Salmon Fishing by Clive Morriss – bamboo rods, bakelite reels

50 Years of Salmon Fishing By Clive Morriss After 50 years of salmon fishing, the.

Salmon anglers fishing the Rakaia River surf at first light.
Salmon Fishing Secrets – How long does it take to catch a salmon?

Salmon Fishing Secrets – Time Sometimes it just takes a great deal of perseverance to catch.

Otago harbour salmon Fishing Contest Winning Fish.
Otago Harbour Salmon Fishing in the Heart of Dunedin

Otago Harbour Salmon How to catch salmon in Otago Harbour In 1985, I.C.I. Watties, a.