Hamills Killer tied with partridge feathers.
Hamills Killer Trout Fly – A must-have when fly fishing in New Zealand

Hamills Killer is a “must have” Trout Fly for fishing in New Zealand  Tying the.

Lord's Killer.
Lord’s Killer Trout Lure – Originally Creation of Frank Lord, Rotorua

Lord’s Killer Lord’s Killer was originally the creation of Frank Lord. According to Derek Quilliam.

Mallard Killer Trout Lure.
Mallard Killer Trout Lure

Mallard Killer Trout Lure This pattern is credited to Geoff Sanderson of Turangi. The grey.

Kilwell No.2 trout lure.
Kilwell No2 Killer Pattern Trout Lure

Kilwell No. 2 Tail: Black squirrel Body: red or yellow Side feathers: Mottled grouse feathers.