Orange Witch Trout Lure
Orange Witch – Trout Fly, Peter Laing, Canterbury

Orange Witch Trout Lure, the creation of Peter Laing, Canterbury, New Zealand The creation of Canterbury.

Deer Hair Mouse Fly.
Mouse Flies for Trout Fishing – Don’t Neglect this High Protein Trout Food

Mouse Flies and Tying Ideas With Allan Burgess  Surely any trout prepared to eat rats.

Black and Green Marabou, or with a light olive green body, a Kemsley's Green Marabou. Either way, it is a top New Zealand trout lure pattern for both brown and rainbow trout. The bottom picture shows the same lure once it is wet.
Black and Green Marabou Fly – Trout Streamer Fly – Gary Kemsley

Black and Green Marabou Marabou style flies are now sold in just about every colour.

Brunton No1 Canterbury sea-run trout lure.
Brunton Number-1 and Brunton Red, trout fly fishing lures

Old time Canterbury sea-run trout lure Brunton No.1. (white chenille, brown hackles, paradise duck breast.

Adams Dry Fly
Adams Dry Fly – Adams Parachute Fly

Adams Dry Fly This pattern is credited to the American Len Halliday of Michigan and.