Sand Flounder - Rhombosolea plebeia. The dorsal and anal fins on the front half of the body are folded down. Photo Allan Burgess.
Sand Flounder – Rhombosolea plebeia, How to Catch – Excellent to Eat

Sand Flounder – Rhombosolea plebeia – Considered by many to be the best eating fish.

Greenback Flounder Rhombosolea tapirina: Flounder, 1872, by Frank Edward Clarke. Purchased 1921. Te Papa (1992-0035-2278/24)
Greenback Flounder – Rhombosolea tapirina

Greenback Flounder – Rhombosolea tapirina Description The back of this species is, as its name.

Taieri Mouth map courtesy of Google Earth.
Taieri Mouth Fishing – Kahawai, Flounder, Sea-Run Trout, Mullet

Taieri Mouth by Chris Dore Taieri Mouth – quiescent fishing community south of Dunedin –.