Published On: Mon, Mar 16th, 2015

How to Make a Surfcasters Belt and Trolly

How to Make a Surfcasting Belt and Trolly

Surfcasters Belt

Surfcasters Belt

Surfcasters can do a lot of walking during a day at the beach. You can save your legs by carrying your regularly used surfcasting gear around your waist. You are more likely to change to a fresh bait if you don’t have to walk back up the beach to get it. It also makes it much easier if you fish two or three rods!

I carry a knife for cutting bait, split-ring pliers, multi-tool, rod pouch, bait bucket, and an old rag to wipe my hands. This setup is very useful when fishing in the dark because you don’t have to look for things. It also lowers the chance of your forgetting something when you head home.

Surfcasting Trolly

Surfcasters Trolly

Surfcasters Trolly

Fishermen are generally an inventive lot! Here’s a great idea for transporting your gear from car to beach all in one go. Not only does it save your legs but your back as well.

This well made surfcasting trolley was photographed at Amberley Beach, North Canterbury during a surfcasting competition.

You can see that there is provision for bait, traces, terminal rigs, sinkers, knife, cutting board, rods, reels, and so on. You could also include a battery and light for night fishing, a spot for a camera, and a seat.

The larger the diameter of the wheels the easier will be the pulling down to the beach.

Perhaps one of the best features is that you can get all of your surfcasting gear ready and placed on the trolley ahead of time. Then when you are just about to leave home you just have to fetch the bait from the freezer and wheel the trolley out from the garage and off you go. That way you would be less likely to forget something important next time you go fishing at the beach!

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