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Kaikoura Boating Club Inaugural Easter Fishing Contest 2011

The Kaikoura Boating Club held it's inaugural Easter Fishing Contest on Saturday 24th April 2011 A prize pool worth $15,000…

The Kaikoura Boating Club held it’s inaugural Easter Fishing Contest on Saturday 24th April 2011

The prize for heaviest Sea Perch, Presented by Bruce Hills from Mitre 10 (left) and Anton Evans of Kaikoura Hunting and Fishing (centre) to Kevin Williams (right).

A prize pool worth $15,000 was claimed on the day. The weather was not great, and 49 vessels with 158 people entered.

The major prize – for the closest to the average weight of 3 blue cod, 3 perch and one other fish was claimed by skipper Ben Stevenson.
2nd by skipper Rob Ellis
3rd by skipper Tony Kelly
4th by skipper Kevin Williams

The individual prizes in the senior classes went to

Heaviest blue cod
Weight Name
2.75 Chris Sowden
1.86 Bob Adams
1.75 Colin Tennant
1.74 Wayne Poulsen

The prize for heaviest Blue Cod, Presented by Bruce Hills from Mitre 10 (left) and Anton Evans of Kaikoura Hunting and Fishing (right) to Chris Sowden (centre).

Heaviest Sea Perch
Weight Name
1.28 Kevin Williams
1.2 Bernard Hailes
1.15 Brian Ashley
1.07 Mason Murphy

Heaviest Barracouta
Weight Name
3.20 Brendan Stewart
2.88 John Ross
2.57 Nigel frost
2.50 Alister Holdum

For Juniors

Heaviest Blue Cod
Weight Name
1.12 Ansley Preddy
1.07 Tamara Dick
0.90 Lachie Henderson
0.83 Axel McMillan

Kaikoura Boating Club members.

Heaviest Sea Perch
Weight Name
1.00 Jake Osikai
0.66 Jake Carmody
0.48 Tamara Dick
0.27 James Small

Plus many other prizes. A great time was had by all the anglers and boaties who entered, even if some were a little green around the gills on returning to shore.

Hunting & Fishing Kaikoura

Kevin, Hunting and Fishing, Kaikoura.

Fishing New Zealand is run by Anton, Janene and Kevin who are longtime hunting and fishing enthusiasts. They offer friendly advice and local knowledge and have every base covered when it comes to the outdoors!

The shop is fully stocked with top brands and gear and the team can provide all the advice you need to make the most of the outstanding fishing and diving opportunities along the Kaikoura coast. The RodFather provides fishing and dive charters year round or if you prefer hunting, Anton can take you on hunting expeditions targeting the highly prized red deer sought after for their massive antlers.

130 Beach Road, Kaikoura. Phone 0800 763 328

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