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Sand-Gripper Sinker or Clock-Face Sinker

Sand-Gripper or Clock-Face Sinker

The sand-gripper, or clock-face lead fishing sinker.

This lead fishing sinker is designed to dig in and hold on fine sandy beaches. It doesn’t hold as well as wire spikes but holds better than a lead ball sinker. It has the advantage of being more compact than sand-spike sinkers and so takes up less space in your tackle box. There are no wires to go rusty.

The sand-gripper sinker is ideal when you want to fish lighter line yet still keep your baited hooks in one place when fishing over a sandy bottom. This sinker is only useful when there are no strong currents to move it along the seabed.

The sand-gripper sinker isn’t seen as much nowadays. It works well in over soft sand or muddy bottoms but is prone to snagging on a rocky shoreline.

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