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Pyramid Lead Surfcasting Sinker – Holds well on the sea bed

Pyramid Lead Sinker


Pyramid Sinker

The pyramid sinker is ideal when fishing over both stony and sandy bottoms. It still holds firmly on the seabed even when fishing is strong currents. On soft muddy bottoms, it tends to dig in and bury itself. On firm stony bottoms the flat sides of the pyramid sinker prevent it from rolling along with the tide and strong currents.


If you have a deep pyramid sinker mould you can vary the weight of the sinker by only partially filling it when pouring the lead. A pyramid sinker mould is a good choice if you are only buying one or two moulds so long as the heaviest weight that can be cast is at least 200g (8 ounces).

With a pyramid sinker mould, you have the ability to make a whole range of weights down to about one ounce (28 grams). The pyramid sinker is so versatile that you could use one in almost any fishing situation both from shore and when boat fishing.

There is another type of pyramid sinker mould available that incorporates a fixing eye into the mould. These are good because you don’t need to bend a length of wire and place it in the mould. They also have the eye at the pointed end. The two disadvantages of this type of pyramid sinker mould are that it doesn’t hold as well, and different moulds are required for casting different weights.

Lead Pyramid Sinker with wire loop for attaching fishing line.

This is a very useful surfcasting sinker. It works well and probably holds in place the best of all the sinkers lacking wire spikes. Its one weak point is that your fishing line is connected to the heavier end which lessens casting distance. If you made pyramid sinkers with a wire through them to connect your line to the pointed end you would get better casting distance but would be sacrificing some of the sinkers ability to hold on the bottom.

A good mate of mine has a pyramid sinker mould. He always kept us in pyramid sinkers for surfcasting.

Tackle Tactics produce lead pyramid sinkers in a range of weights up to 6 ounces that can be purchased over the internet in New Zealand.


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