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Rapala Saltwater Silver – Bibbed & Jointed Casting and Trolling Lures

Rapala Saltwater Silver

Rapala Saltwater Silver – click image to enlarge.

Rapala Saltwater Silver

According to Rapala the “Silver is best fished when ballyhoo (a slender piper type of baitfish) or needle fish (similar but larger baitfish) are present, and when bigger profile baits are not productive. The wide undulating action attracts slow moving predators when trolled close to the bottom.”

If you tie one of these lures on and run it beside your boat you will be amazed at just how realistic the Rapala Saltwater Silver looks as it swims like a real fish. The action is very like-like for a hard bodied lure. The articulated body makes all the difference to the swimming action sending out vibrations that are incredible attractive to predatory fish species.

The Rapala Saltwater Sliver was designed as a fast trolling needlefish lure, mainly for catching various smaller to mid sized tuna species. In New Zealand it works well when trolled for albacore and yellowfin tuna, as well as yellowtail kingfish. It has the advantage that it can be trolled at quite high speed without breaking the surface. However caution must be exercised when trolling multiple bibbed minnows particularly when turning if tangles are to be avoided.

A slender Rapala Saltwater Silver trolled with the aid of a downrigger will often be the first lure hit as tuna are brought to the boat by surface activity. It is a good lure to try on a downrigger when the action is otherwise slow on the surface lures.

The Rapala Saltwater Silver is of very robust construction designed to take rough treatment from the toughest of fast swimming ocean fish species.

Running depth: 2.7 – 3.3 m. Length 13cm. Weight 17g. Hooks size 2.

Colours: Pearl Orange, Silver, Fire Tiger (yellow-green), Red Head, Neddle Fish, and Silver Green Mackerel.

Rapala Saltwater Silver

Rapala Saltwater Silver

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