Rapala CountDown Magnum – Excellent for Yellowtail Kingfish and Tuna

Rapala CountDown Magnum

Rapala CD Magnum: Top 18cm Dorado, 14cm Blue Mackerel and 9cm Red Head.

It is the premier bibbed lure of this type that others seek to imitate. It is built super strongly and designed to handle the toughest fish

The Rapala CD Magnum can be trolled at quite high speed without rising to the surface. It looks incredibly lifelike in the water. They are available in 15 colours. Try to select a size and colour that best represents the baitfish in your fishing area.

Though an excellent lure for albacore tuna their careless use can lead to horrid tangles when multiple lures are trolled at once.

Colours: Chartreuse Redhead, Chartreuse head, Blue Head, Silver, Fire Tiger (yellow and green), Red Head, Bonito, Pearl Orange, Green Mackerel, Silver Mackerel, Blue Sardine, Green sardine, Deep Purple Sardine, Red Sardine, Dorado.

Ideal for trolling for yellowtail kingfish, albacore tuna, slender tuna and bluefin tuna, mako and thresher shark, kahawai, and others. The smaller sizes are great for casting to surface fish as well. Should the bib become bent during a fight with a big fish you can simply bend it back into shape with pliers to getting it running true again. Read about a southern bluefin tuna taken at the entrance to Nancy Sound, Fiordland, on a blue Rapala CD 18.

The one possible downside to trolling multiple Rapala CD Magnum lures for tuna and other game fish is their tendency to tangle together when turning because they don’t always run dead straight like a bullet head style lure. I have had this reported to me by several game boat skippers. However, provided you have a good spread between lures behind the boat, both in distance and depth, you should be fine. If you only have a few lures out the CD Rapala is a great choice as it is a quality well-proven fish catcher on a wide variety of gamefish. 

Rapala CD Magnum: Top 18cm Dorado, 14cm Blue Mackerel and 9cm Red Head.

   See the Rapala CD Magnum range at Rapala.com

Shark taken on a CD 11 (video below)
The Rapala CountDown Magnum sinks at a foot a second, allowing anglers to target precise depths. The CountDown Magnum has a large profile to attract monster fish of all species.

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