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Green Orbit Trout Lure - Tied on a small size 8 hook it makes a good day pattern.
Green Orbit Trout Fishing Lure – A Favourite on Central North Island Lakes

Green Orbit Trout Fishing Lure This is a favourite lure on many of the central.

Trout Secrets - How to Catch Trout in New Zealand by Geoff Thomas.
Thomas, Geoff – Trout Secrets – How to Catch Trout in New Zealand

Trout Secrets – How to Catch Trout in New Zealand by Geoff Thomas Published by Moa.

Trout of the Tongariro by Tony Jensen
Jensen, Tony – Trout of the Tongariro

Trout of the Tongariro by Tony Jensen A.H. & A.W. Reed Limited, Wellington, New Zealand..

Lake Taupo Trout Fly Fishing
Lake Taupo Trout Fishing -Tongariro, Tauranga-Taupo, Waitahanui Rivers

Lake Taupo Trout Fishing Lake Taupo trout fishing for wild rainbow trout centred on Lake.

Awesome markings on this 3 lb rainbow trout from Lake Camp. Photo: Baitman. Lake Clearwater and Lake Camp.
Lake Clearwater and Lake Camp – Ashburton Lakes

Lakes Clearwater and Camp These trout fishing lakes are located in the upper reaches of.

Hamill's Killer.
Hamills Killer and other Killer Patterns – Excellent must have lures

Hamills Killer and Killer Patterns The gruesome sounding name of this group of fishing flies.

Grey Ghost Mylar Body.
Grey Ghost Trout Lure or Streamer Fly – Sold in Many Variations

Grey Ghost Trout Fly by Allan Burgess The Grey Ghost trout lure was introduced by Kilwell.

Dorothy Trout Fly or Lure – Silver Dorothy Smelt Fly Pattern

Silver Dorothy Though the Dorothy comes in many body colour combinations I think the silver.

Olive Green Booby Fly with a body of Crystal Chenille. A more typical body is made by wrapping a hackle palmer style over the body and securing with oval tinsel as in a Woolly Buggar.
Booby Trout Fishing Fly – Tyed with Floating Polystyrene Eyes

Booby Trout Fishing Fly This is an interesting fly that incorporates polystyrene beads that provide.

A Yellow Lady and a Black Waimak Wizard lure on a salmon angler's quad bike at the mouth of Canterbury's Rakaia River. This is a typical Canterbury Lure Rod set up.
Tying the Yellow Lady Trout and Salmon Lure Video with Allan Burgess

Tying the Yellow Lady  The Yellow Lady is a popular harling lure for lake fishing..