Black Pete Trout Fly or Lure tied by John Morton of Christchurch

Black Pete

Black Pete Trout Fly

Black Pete trout fly.
Black Pete trout fly.

The Black Pete is a proper night fly. A good friend of mine assures me that this is the best ever night fly for fishing in Lake Coleridge. He has used it to good effect to take some of the largest fish I have seen caught from that lake. It is best fished closed to the bottom.

Black Pete is the invention renowned Christchurch fly tier John Morton.

John Morton
John Morton

You may have to search around for the iridescent blue peacock neck feathers which aren’t available in stores. Black Pete is tied killer style with, according to Derek Quilliam’s book The Complete Guide to New Zealand Trout Lures, 8 feathers being used for the wings.

Lure hook: 4-6

Tread: Black.

Tail: Bunch of black squirrel hair.

Body: Red chenille.

Wing: 8x iridescent blue/black peacock neck feathers.

John Morton passed away in 2016.

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