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Humpy is a buoyant fly that sits high on the water

Humpy Dry Fly

The Humpy is a buoyant fly that sits high on the water making it a good choice in fast broken water it is less likely to drown and is easy for the angler to see!

It can also be used to imitate numerous insects. Tied with black deer hair and blue or green Flashabou on top of the body it makes an excellent blowfly.

The more typical body colours are yellow and green with cream coloured deer hair. The makes a good beetle, caddis, blowfly and mayfly depending on the colours used and size of the fly.

The Humpy is a simply and quick fly to tie. There is some dispute as to its original creator but it seems likely to have come from North Amercia.

Hook size: 6 – 14.

Humpy Blowfly

Tail: Deer hair, moose or elk.

Body: Tie in deer hair for body facing backwards. Underlay body with thread or floss depending on the insect desired. For example dark blue floss for a blowfly. Then pull deer hair back over the body and tie down. Bend the hair back to form the wings. You can also separate the wing and tie a figure eight knot to keep them separate.

Wings: The same deer hair tips as used for the body.

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