Elk Hair Caddis Trout Dry Fly

Elk Hair Caddis
Elk Hair Caddis

Elk Hair Caddis

Caddis or sedge flies come in many different shapes and colours. I suggest you make up several versions in slightly differing colours from dark tan to a light creamy colour together with some variation in size to best match the insects found on your fishing water.

The Elk Hair Caddis is another relatively simple pattern to tie and so makes a great fly for the novice to start out on. This particular fly originates from the United States where it was developed by AI Troth of Pennsylvania.

Hook: Size 10 to 16

Tail: Elk hair tippets.

Body: Sparse grey fur or grey Antron or simply use matching colour thread.

Hackle: Palmered cock hackle along the body with the ends trimmed. Variations include olive and brown. . Wing: Brown tippets tied back sloping close to the hook shank.

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