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    The actual blood-knot is rather understated, if you need to joint your line in a hurry, that is the knot to use.

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    You can actually colour, RTV sealant with food dye.
    I’ve used it to catch kawai in the past.
    Push some RTV out onto some Glad-wrap and throw it in the freezer until it is semi-hard.
    Mix up (For god sakes don’t use the misuss’ best china to do this) a red solution and be very careful where this goes (think beetroot stains).
    Soak the RTV in this for…[Read more]

  • Caught 3 dog-fish, 2 red cod and a 6ft shark off Wakinui beach yesterday.

  • People I’ve seen in the 20-odd years I’ve been white-baiting, don’t wear full-length waders (with the shoulder straps) but wear cut down gumboots from the freezing works.
    Once these fill up with water, you are pretty much stuck where you are.
    I pulled a 76 y/o guy out of the surf at the Orari mouth in 1988 and I am by no means a strong…[Read more]

  • Dave,
    You make it sound like such a chore.
    When I got my Commercial chopper licence a couple of months back, we (missus and I) took a flight down there from Invercargill.
    Lovely place, great people, although you might want to save up for buying things at the shops there, no McD’s, but they do have a service where they will batter any seafood you…[Read more]

  • Two places in Temuka,
    (where I grew up) was Halls Creek and down by the old wool scour off Domain Ave.
    We used to go there at night and spotlight them back in the mid-80’s, good bait for sharks and if you put a bit of aniseed oil on them, you got some pretty decent trout in the river.
    This was of course before the rivers were turned to shit by…[Read more]

  • Thanks miliwolf.
    Having seen that, I’m thinking Warehouse sack-barrow with the inflated tires.
    Plenty of metal (uprights) to bolt or weld things to.

    Just my $0.02 worth.

  • I see that they opened up Benmore a few weeks back and let rip down the Waitaki.
    So I’ve read, it got rid of quite a bit of the stuff, but we all know you will never rid the river of all of it.
    If they found the guy that actually bought this shit into the country, man would that be a public burning at the stake!

    But don’t worry though, Benmore…[Read more]

  • Zac,
    That link you gave in your original post came up as a bad link when I clicked on it.
    I have a slight idea of what you are on about, but a pic would be cool.

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    When is Easter this year?
    It seems to change every year.

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    You guys use prawns for bait?? :x

  • Was hoping to go down to Temuka and see what I could get off a couple of beaches there.
    Might have a go next week when I go on holiday, for 3 weeks, hope the weather is OK.
    Need to see the old man down there anyway.
    Been doing fire calls all over Xmas and New Years.
    I want fish and relaxation.

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    Thanks, mate. :wink:

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    Yeah eels,
    I remember living in Temuka as a young fella and they used to dredge Halls Creek out every so many years.
    (This was back in the 80’s, in case you were wondering).
    But, as soon as the excavator turned up, there were boys from all over town, down there chasing eels all over the banks of the creek, some fell over in the mud and went home…[Read more]

  • Probably the scariest moment I’ve ever had fishing was being out eeling with a mate of mine when we were both still at school.
    We went down the the North side of the Temuka River and went gaffing eels, just after dark.
    We saw a pool full of eels and hopped in, these were only little ones, or so we thought.
    We caught quite a few (for surf casting…[Read more]

  • I’d have to go with Cod.
    Red Cod Yes, but the money is Deep Sea Blue Cod caught off of a boat with a hand-line.
    The Blue Cod has nice, meaty fillets and they cook nice and quick.

    Just as an aside, did you know that, if you go to a F&C shop these days, unless you specifically ask for Cod or Gurnard or whatever, you will get Elephant fish, it is…[Read more]

  • Kawhai makes a bloody good fish for use in seafood chowder.
    As long as they are bled properly when caught, I don’t have a problem with eating them.

    Flounders though are a different story though, IMO, we used to go out catching them in the Milford lagoon when I was a young fella.
    We’d come back with flounders and for the next week or so it would…[Read more]

  • Hi Guys,
    What I’ve found to be best with any fish frying I’ve ever done, is this:

    Make sure your fillets are relatively dry (patting with a paper towel lightly helps, but don’t over-do it)
    then coat in flour in one dish, take it out of there and into an egg-wash and then back into the flour.

    Also bear in mind that you can make your own seasoned…[Read more]

  • 1) Whats your real name:- Mike.

    2) How old are you:- Mid-30’s.

    3) Which city are you from:- Ashburton (as Zac said above, it ain’t a city)

    4) Are you a resident in NZ:- Born in Temuka, been in AshVegas for 15 or so years.

    5) What do you do for a crust:- Industrial Electrician

    6) Hobbies:- Umm, Fishing, Ham Radio, Kendo, Computers,…[Read more]

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    [quote:22sgmxt6]The new wharf is currently closed for repairs it seems
    That sounds a bit dodgy.
    Just come back from Brown’s Beach off Temuka,
    Got 2 red cod and a KY, would have been there longer, but I have to work tonight. :(