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  • There has been over 100 mm of rain in some parts of the Waimak headwaters since Monday, pretty hard to see where it’s gone as there has been minimal impact on the flow. I think I was hoping that a bit of colour might have improved the chances upriver, but I guess most of the previous run may be near the gorge by now?

  • life is never dull when you own a jet boat! If I paid attention to all the mishaps & breakages I’ve had the wife would have got her way & had it disposed of long ago
    upriver yesterday on the Waimak (on foot) nothing seen. A bit of a fresh coming down in the next 48 hrs might stir things up.

  • Upriver this morning, the river is now crystal clear again. Didn’t see anything where I was (apart from the remnants of an old salmon carcass) but talked to another fisherman that had lost one and seen a few others heading up.

  • Should be rain in the headwaters from tonight- finally. Will be interesting to see what it does to the rivers. Noticeable lack of reports from upriver on the waimak- I’ve been out a couple of times in the last week or so, seen nothing. I guess they have to go upriver sometime but has been tough conditions with the river at 30 cumecs, clear & warm.

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    That’s a great fish. Trout seem to love soft baits and they’re a great alternative to spinners especially in the tidal sections of rivers. Have had a couple of very successful recent outings on the lower Grey using soft baits. On the first occasion I had fished through a section with a 7g toby and hooked nothing, then picked up 4 on soft baits.

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    I had to look this one up as well. Apparently the jack fish’s milt can also be referred to as roe, so technically burkefish is correct

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    Corn would be classed as bait, which I would suggest is legal in all waters except those marked as fly or spin only waters. I’m sure someone will correct me if this is wrong.

  • On that note, Ross Millichamp’s book salmon fever is essential reading for anyone that wants to learn how to catch a salmon

  • I was on the lower reaches on Monday- it was marginal at that stage but there was the odd fish around. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t pretty close to fishable by now, but hopefully someone who’s been out today can advise. The ECAN website was reporting a falsely low river flow reading over last weekend but it looks like that gremlin has been fixed now.

  • This is the reel mount from mine (upside down sorry). The numbers are 060007 and the reel was purchased new in about 2001 from memory. It says "Made in Sweden" in big letters on the side and this is probably the best indicator of where it was built :grin:
    The build quality on these reels is fantastic.

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    I’m wondering if Kevo ever misses a fish on the take or spooks one! Makes the rest of us feel like amateurs…
    keep the vids coming. A close up of your pheasant tail would be great if it’s not a top secret version of the old favorite

  • Bait fishing in Lyndon is legal, but only for junior anglers. This is a relatively new regulation.

  • that trout looks like a sea run that has made it way upriver. I think there are some big resident fish as well though. I’ve caught trout with that silvery sea-run appearance in the hurunui north branch near lake sumner….
    sorry this is supposed to be a salmon thread!

  • just been down at macintoshes with the kids for a look. Hardly anyone fishing this afternoon. River colour still looks fishable to me. Looks from the ecan site that there was a small fresh but this has already peaked.

  • I flew over the waimak today on the way to Hokitika. I thought it looked dirty around Mt White. The river level at Esk is up according to the ecan site as well.