• oops bit of a cockup with the way that last bit was worded re invite for coffee, I can see how it would be taken.
    so I will re write it, to you (fishforpot) can I pm you for a chinwag over a coffee about what you see as the issues, education on both sides is good I think.
    Dave Pearce

  • a reply to fishforpot.
    what I put out there in regards to trawlers activities is the facts that we have to live with in working in the commercial fishing industry.
    some people will not like what I had to say but there it is, for whatever reason there will always be some people that simply refuse to look at things from both sides and form an…[Read more]

  • hi guys ,
    this is a reply to gollyfish re the trawler at birdlings flat.
    the two mile rule apllies to certain types of nets used by fishing boats.
    ie set nets are not allowed inside a certain mile limit as are Danish seiners, trawlers with trawl nets that have a head line height of more than 1.0 metre also.
    the exceptions that I know of are…[Read more]