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    I endded up buying a better rod and reel combo. I wa s amazed how much better the rods are now with carbon fibre. Having sais that I have not had alot of time to get out and use it, given I am a 1 hour drive from the coast. But I have enjoyed the rest while I have been out fishing between casts. I will still use my kite if the conditions…[Read more]

  • I had a great day with the kids fishing from the wharf at Lyttleton catching bait for our / my next big day out. I had forgotten the great fun that you can have with the water full of fish all feeding around the hook.

    I brought the kids a small spin set each and they managed to get a couple each, with plenty of help.

    I was surprised that with…[Read more]

  • The one that you mention Peirmaster is the one I had my eye on, but you are right Miliwolf I would use my hunting pack for a longer walk as I can carry a huge amount of gear without any discomfort, I have had 98 kg in the pack on some trips out with my venison cuts, with out too much trouble.

  • well said fishforpot & ginga, I have only ever used 5 hooks per set with my kite, because I have only ever fish for my table not the whole district. I have always felt, like others here, that fish keep best in the sea. The trouble as I see it, not just with fishing, but anything you apply a rule or law too, is that only the honest people will…[Read more]

  • I have a kite already and the wind is the limiting factor, so the only expense is the actual powered bit, I already have the main line drop rigs, hooks etc, so the cost is only around a 1000. That slipped of the tounge a bit too easy…..

    The reason I ask for advice is that if I apply the same budget to a new surf casting set up I am sure that I…[Read more]