• Yeah I didn’t really take much down there, just the rods, knife, sabiki and a plastic bag and rag. Was very busy there with a heap of swimmers, a lot more than I thought would be there being a work day. Next time I go there I’ll have to bring a bit of burley, Ive still got one of those burley logs from the wharehouse I got a while ago so will give…[Read more]

  • Got around to Corsair bay today, caught 1 herring in an hours time so packed up and left. Was very lucky to catch him actually, saw one swim up trying to get the top hook when I first got the line wet and jigging it up but he dived down pretty quick. Just as we were packing up to go I wound in, found the herring on the hook and took him off. Foul…[Read more]

  • Went for a fish around ChCh today, went to lyttleton to try the spot by naval point, realised when I got there I had the wrong rods, went a little further up to a small jetty and tried for some mullet, nothing there either. Went back over to Sumner and tried an old spot on Beachville road, no bites, looked down and saw hundreds of little tiny fish…[Read more]

  • Actually a fishing club that does a bit of surfcasting would interest me too. Was talking to a guy a month or two back about the Papanui fishing club, was going to go in and see what its like but from how this guy was talking it sounded as if it was all river/trout/salmon/fresh water fishing which doesn’t interest me really.

    Beaches south of…[Read more]

  • Where abouts was that caught Zac? Looks like its down by the breakwater by the boat launching ramp? Been down south the last week, weather wasn’t great but still fishable. Nothing but dogfish at wakanui, dogs at Ashton too and a leopard seal sleeping about 50 metres away from where we were fishing….tried to feed him the dogs we caught but it…[Read more]

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    haha that was a good one fishforpot

  • Long time reader, first time poster.

    Read a lot of things here that have really helped my fishing, still waiting for the weather to come right before I go and try a few spots around christchurch. Really need to catch some mullet for bait. How far up the Avon are they normally? was down at my dads a couple of weeks back went to pendarvase early…[Read more]