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  • Thanks guys.
    It was a good 30 minutes battle to get the thing landed. The hole that it came from is nothing more than a trickle now. Blasted river !
    Guess it means more time walking and looking and less time fishing :-(


  • A nice 22lb’er from just below the rikia road bridge.
    :grin: :grin:

  • Hi all
    Just retruned from an awesome weeks holiday at Port Waikato. Really queit and no cell coverage :grin:
    Excellent fishing with a truck load a kw’s caught and a few trevally’s.
    Took my son out and on his first cast he got 2 big clean kw’s. the hook up was so quick i hadn’t even had time to get the bait onto my first hook.

    Got some picture but…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your input.
    I have found so info on another webiste that give a few clues on fishing the gutters.
    Can you tell me if i need a license to fish inside the Esturary at Port Waikato?

  • I have to admit the reasons for asking are the “wife” has finally told me to go fishing and catch some skate. She was a chef by trade so she has some good recipes for cooking it up.

    Hopefully it will take a number of trips to catch one :wink: if you know what i am getting at :grin:

  • Thanks guys.

    I also have only ever seen Skate caught as a by catch and wasn’t sure on the exact methods spots to target them but it is my plan to give it a good "nudge" over the cooler months :grin:

  • LeestonSurfcaster replied to the topic Latest Catches 2 in the forum Surfcasting 11 years ago

    Travelled up to Amberley Beach Sunday afternoon. Fished about the north end of the golf course between 2.30pm and 6.30 pm. Got 1 good clean Rig and 2 juvenille grey’s. The swell wasn’t too bad but the "sea lettuce" caused major headaches especially when trying to fight and land the rig in the swell.

  • Went out to Taumutu yesterday. Fishing was quiet. Lots of small bites and only a medium sized female paddle crab landed. Got a solid hook up and was nearly spooled just on dusk. Thankfully i was able to break the line before my rod and i went for a swim :). Using cooked prawns for bait.

  • Has anyone had success in catching rig on "softbait"? i have seen some of the crab imitations around now and was just wondering :-)


  • LeestonSurfcaster replied to the topic Latest Catches in the forum Surfcasting 12 years ago

    Hi rig was taken on mussel and squid. Kind of a big messy blob of bait :-)

  • LeestonSurfcaster replied to the topic Latest Catches in the forum Surfcasting 12 years ago

    My mate with a nice rig taken at Taylors Mistake.

  • LeestonSurfcaster replied to the topic Reels in the forum Tackle Talk 12 years ago

    I feel your pain. having a favourite reel break is like a death in the family especially when you have fond memories of all the fish you have caught with it over the years.

    Unfortunately mine was a little more serious with the pinnion gear splitting :( :(

    I have to say the Tica is a good solid replacement. It casts nice and the retrieve speed is…[Read more]

  • LeestonSurfcaster replied to the topic Reels in the forum Tackle Talk 12 years, 1 month ago

    Too true but thats why we post here isn’t it? To share experieneces good and bad and maybe learn from the mistakes of those who went before us.

    Anyway i went to Rebel sports this morning and found a TICA Scepter for $150 less 30% so $112.5 :)🙂 later it was mine. It came with two spare spools which is always a bonus one for mono and one for…[Read more]

  • LeestonSurfcaster replied to the topic Reels in the forum Tackle Talk 12 years, 1 month ago

    Help !

    I was down at tamutu last saturday eveneing got a huge hook up :) and after about 20 mins my old Diawa “LongCast” said enough and basically exploded all over the beach :( 🙁 :(.

    The dilema i now face is what to replace it with.

    Shimano’s are very nice but well out the depth of my pockets.

    So the 3 options i have been considering are.

    Tica…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the directions i can see baileys road on my map now. I can see a lot of “roads” that lead down to the beach but do they really exist? How far down do you go?

  • Ok I will play dumb here but where is Baileys beach? I see you guys posting about it but i can’t see it on any of my maps. Does it go by any other names?



  • Yeah i was thinking the same. I haven’t seen any trawlers but there were a number of seals in the surf and a dead one on the beach.

    Is anyone having any luck around taylors mistake / boulder bay area / godley head area. I always wanted to try down by the old military installations (thru the tunnel) but its a long walk down if there are no fish :D[Read more]

  • Things have been very quiet at Coopers Lagoon and Tamutu. Well for me anyway best catch in the past 2 weekends was a few doggies.

    Is anyone having any luck in these spots?

    If so what time of day and what baits? I have tried squid, crabs, soft-baits, mullets and not a lot happening :(

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  1. The Tasmanian Devil is a very good still water lure for use on lakes. Try casting out and then waiting for 20 or 30 seconds for the lure to sink before starting a slow retrieve. At 13.5g Tasmanian Devils can be cast a long way out to where the fish could be schooling. They work very well in the Stilling Basin at the western end of the Tekapo Canal.

  2. John Barnes says:

    Great info on sea-run trout.

  3. John Barnes says:

    Cool article about salmon fishing.

  4. sea-angler77 says:

    Thanks for that info

  5. Great update Burkefish. Thanks for that. The salmon do seem to be waiting that extra bit longer before running the river. The end of March and beginning of April was certainly the best time to fish McIntosh’s last season!

  6. burkefish says:

    an update on the waimak. the first week of April 2016 saw 40 salmon taken at mcintoshs which gave a total for the season there of about 300. silverstream hatchery had 114 fish return from which 200,000 eggs were harvested,some of these fish would have been over 20lb when entering the rive. the other interesting thing is that not all the returning fish were finclipped. salmon also spawned below the hatchery some of those were also finclipped. while the numberes weren’t great there was a reasonable spawning up the top of the waimak but it was later than usual being at the end of May. seems in the last few years the salmon are not running as early as they use to probably one of the factors is that the river flow is getting lower each year which is a big problem especially when more water is being taken than should be by consent holders. this is being monitored by salmon anglers and edcan have admitted mistakes. low water flows also seems to be contributing to smaller size fish, there is some evidence that this happens.

  7. Sadly, it was bulldozed. What a waste I reckon!

  8. Several subscribers have contacted me asking, “do Fish & Game check licences at McIntosh’s.” I’m told they have been checking them there almost every day this season. I did see them myself checking licences several times this month at McIntosh’s. I’m not sure they go down the bait anglers end though.
    I gave a talk some years ago at the Canterbury Anglers Club to about 70 members. I asked for a show of hands to the question; “how many of you fish over winter?” Only about three people put their hands up!

  9. Hi Paul,
    Our Fishingmag forum membership login is the same login you used to become a member of the site.
    The forum had well over a 1,000 members and for over a decade was very active. In the past year most prefer to post on facebook instead – a trend worldwide. However site membership is growing steadily and many view the forums without posting. If you do post questions on our Fishingmag forum I’m sure we’ll be able to help you. Best wishes Allan Burgess

  10. Hey Alan

    I have just come across your website and would like to know how to join the forums. I have only recently started to Flyfish and have planned a trip to New Zealand next Oct 2016. I live Ln Perth Western Australia.



  11. Thanks for that. Bottled kahawai is actually very good. The bottling process seems to improve the taste quite a lot.

  12. Awhina Allen says:

    Thanks for the info, a friend gave me a bottle of preserved kahawai and I have always wanted to preserve kahawai for the whanau.

  13. sara paisley says:

    Hi im looking forward to this years open day comp at Coleridge .Its my first fishing there and my first fishing comp and it is my birthday on the 7th and couldn’t think of a better thing to do on my birthday.and where are you aloud to camp ?

  14. Larry Brown says:

    I so enjoyed your Lake Coleridge article,it brought back memories of my Feb.1970 visit with Ted and Grace porter(just before his death)Ted was about to finish his book”under the nor’west arch”,we discussed his and my trip to Antarctica and many stories of his adventures.The lake was pretty remote in those days,but worth the trip.I now live in Panama City,Florida and enjoy surf fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.Thank you for reminding me of those times.

  15. Hi Jim, The Complete Angler tackle store in Christchurch will have cicada patterns for sure. This is a “must have” in any trout angler’s fly-box so any good tackle store should stock cicada patterns.

  16. Jim Othrow says:

    Where can I buy the cicada shown above?

  17. Johnny T says:

    I agree, 15-20 minutes bait change. Also, i believe if you cast out and retrieve your line and find your bait still on the hook, regardless if its been out for 5 minutes or 15 minutes, chuck it and re bait your hooks to fresh bait.

  18. Graham Bell says:

    Just to say it worked a treat all four sections are fitting nice and snug now thanks for the tip

  19. Candle wax not only helps to keep the sections together; it also makes it easier to twist the sections apart. Multi section 3 and 4 piece rods are more prone to coming apart during casting. Good luck with that.

  20. Graham Bell says:

    Thanks for that I had a tight joint and decided to sand it down a little and like most heavy handed blokes did it a little too much so it can be loose unless I push it together like there is no tomorrow. I will try this tip here hoping at my Blackrock Helboy 4 piece spinning rod is great for just walking along the back casting here and there for trout, chubb or perch

  21. Many people have been complaining to the city council about the mess and rubbish anglers leave behind and the difficulty they have in walking past all the fishing rods and crab pot lines. I just hope this doesn’t eventually lead to fishing being banned on the pier.
    Salmon anglers often fish at river-mouths in close proximity with one another. At times almost touching shoulders. There is a certain unspoken etiquette which involves mutual respect for one another. Disputes are very rare. Sadly, some who fish from the New Brighton Pier seem to have never heard of this!

  22. I agree that 15 minutes sounds about right. On occasion I have fished several rods and been spin fishing with a third. Generally I’ll have a cast and wait about five minutes the first time, before winding in to check the bait is still there, and that the sinker isn’t being buried – as can happen on a shingle beach. If the bait is untouched I’ll cast it back out then proceed to setting out a second rod. Squid is a surprisingly good bait. I note that the guys fishing the Ninety Mile Beach in the far north skin it first.

  23. When Surf-casting what approx length of time should one keep line out ….I personally prefer 15 min spells as mentioned in your article, and rebaite my squid as mentioned every 15 min.

  24. Hi Roger, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  25. Roger Jones says:

    great reading

  26. Hi Bob, I think you have nailed it. That is exactly how I cast and retrieve Tasmanian Devils. It pays to watch the lure coming in as fish will sometimes follow it all the way to your feet, at times striking at the last moment. Tasmanian Devils have sufficient weight in a compact package to cast very well. I have had great success with them on winter rainbows by motoring up wind into the lake shallows, switching off the motor, and casting over the weed, as the boat drifts downwind. On the Otago Lakes like Benmore, Ohau, and so on, a rainbow will often take the Tassie on the first or second cast with this method. They are also very popular for lake trolling, especially in Lake Taupo and the other Central North Island Lakes, and in Lake Wanaka, Dunstan, and the others in the south.

  27. bob says:

    hi was wondering how are the 13.5 devils used? cast, wait, retrieve, twitch the rod and continue retrieving? or is there a different more productive way?

  28. Hi Shane, I can’t agree with you more about this. I used to go fishing on the old breakwater down past the container area. We would catch a lot of fish off there back-in-the-day! That was blocked-off years ago. It is a shame that the whole port has been closed off to fishing and has been for a few years now.

  29. Hi i am not to happy about not been able to fish over at lyttelton i use to go over all the time to catch sprat and at the same time set up a rig to do my salmon float fishing there are a lot of salmon over there and now i cant get to them i have court them up to 25kg most about 15kg mark just as well i can at lest still catch them on the sumner Break water i have been catching them for a few years now not a lot of people now of them as most of the time i catch them at night a well lit fishing warf just for fishing night our day over at lyttelton would be wonderful as the solmon come round well lit places as t do the sprat eney way just thourt i would share this

    S A Stringer

  30. Most anglers will be fishing a couple of metres of flurocarbon as a leader at the end of their braided line. The flurocarbon sinks well and is very hard for fish to see. As to the weight of the flurocarbon it depends on the area you are fishing and the likelihood of snags and sharp rocks. Many will fish for trout with a leader of say 8lb flurocarbon tied to the end of their braid with a surgeon’s knot. They will then tie a softbait to the end with a uni-knot. This works fine most of the time. Next comes tying a dropper and adding a nymph further up the line above the softbait. The softbait at the bottom supplies the casting weight. Tying a dropper with a blood knot, or double surgeon’s knot, in the leader will weaken it for certain no matter how good a job you do tying the dropper in the leader.

    Any weakness becomes critical when you hook a much bigger fish than expected. A fifteen pound trout or salmon in the canals for example will really test this light-weight leader and dropper setup. The fish could be on the line for an hour before coming to the bank. You have to really nurse the fish and not be tempted to tighten the drag resulting in loosing it for sure. Some very good anglers are successful tying the nymph to the main line and then tying the softbait to the hook bend. In both cases using a uni-knot. One answer is to fish with heavier flurocarbon 15 or 17lb test. This make the rig stronger. However I have witnessed plenty big fish lost in the canals on this heavier flurocarbon. You still have to take your time and not try to force the issue. The argument is heavier line might result in fewer takes versus having a rig strong enough to land most fish you might encounter. Personally I mostly use monofilament leaders and they work fine for me.

    Sorry not selling nymphs at the moment. They are very easy to tie yourself for about 30 cents each.

  31. Dave hampton says:

    Hi Allan, love your website am new to fishing have done some soft baiting at the canals with not much success. Like your idea of trailing a softbait minnow off a nymph hook.Will the fish still hook up on the nymph or be put off by the monofilament. What sort of knot would you tie and is that off the actual hook itself.. Sorry for all the questions. Ps do you sell these nymphs they look great!

  32. Good spotting. Have changed that now. I don’t know if you can get mentholated spirits – funny!

  33. Dude says:

    Mentholated spirits. LOL

  34. Hi Michael, You are very welcome. Regards Allan Burgess

  35. Thank you for the download

  36. Well Capt Justin, You are quite correct the Shimano TR200G isn’t a level drag, or at least my one isn’t. That was obviously a mistake which I have now corrected. Thank you for pointing that out! I have gotten it a bit mixed up with the similar looking Shimano Charter Special TR2000 .Cheers Allan Burgess

  37. capt Justin says:

    How is this reel a lever drag? Am I missing something?

  38. Years ago I remember campers down at the Rangitata River mouth boiling up jars of salmon next to their caravans to take back home. Great if you are away for weeks because you don’t have to worry about refrigeration.

  39. bearclaw says:

    Great article, thanks Allen, hopefully I will use it by December this year, might test it out on kahawai

  40. Great to hear from you Clive. Seventy years is a long time! Three fish last year is still pretty good going. More pictures would be great. Best wishes Allan Burgess

  41. Clive Morriss says:

    Hi Allan, 50 years of salmon fishing. Wow!! A good article. I’m still alive and up to 70 years of chasing salmon. Not so many fish in the Rakaia and I’m not spending too much time chasing them. Only caught three last year. Can send some more photos if you want them. Clive Morriss.