• Thanks guys.
    It was a good 30 minutes battle to get the thing landed. The hole that it came from is nothing more than a trickle now. Blasted river !
    Guess it means more time walking and looking and less time fishing :-(


  • A nice 22lb’er from just below the rikia road bridge.
    :grin: :grin:

  • Hi all
    Just retruned from an awesome weeks holiday at Port Waikato. Really queit and no cell coverage :grin:
    Excellent fishing with a truck load a kw’s caught and a few trevally’s.
    Took my son out and on his first cast he got 2 big clean kw’s. the hook up was so quick i hadn’t even had time to get the bait onto my first hook.

    Got some picture but…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your input.
    I have found so info on another webiste that give a few clues on fishing the gutters.
    Can you tell me if i need a license to fish inside the Esturary at Port Waikato?

  • I have to admit the reasons for asking are the “wife” has finally told me to go fishing and catch some skate. She was a chef by trade so she has some good recipes for cooking it up.

    Hopefully it will take a number of trips to catch one :wink: if you know what i am getting at :grin:

  • Thanks guys.

    I also have only ever seen Skate caught as a by catch and wasn’t sure on the exact methods spots to target them but it is my plan to give it a good "nudge" over the cooler months :grin:

  • Travelled up to Amberley Beach Sunday afternoon. Fished about the north end of the golf course between 2.30pm and 6.30 pm. Got 1 good clean Rig and 2 juvenille grey’s. The swell wasn’t too bad but the "sea lettuce" caused major headaches especially when trying to fight and land the rig in the swell.

  • Went out to Taumutu yesterday. Fishing was quiet. Lots of small bites and only a medium sized female paddle crab landed. Got a solid hook up and was nearly spooled just on dusk. Thankfully i was able to break the line before my rod and i went for a swim :). Using cooked prawns for bait.

  • Has anyone had success in catching rig on "softbait"? i have seen some of the crab imitations around now and was just wondering :-)


  • Hi rig was taken on mussel and squid. Kind of a big messy blob of bait :-)

  • My mate with a nice rig taken at Taylors Mistake.

  • I feel your pain. having a favourite reel break is like a death in the family especially when you have fond memories of all the fish you have caught with it over the years.

    Unfortunately mine was a little more serious with the pinnion gear splitting :( :(

    I have to say the Tica is a good solid replacement. It casts nice and the retrieve speed is…[Read more]

  • LeestonSurfcaster replied to the topic Reels in the forum Tackle Talk 14 years ago

    Too true but thats why we post here isn’t it? To share experieneces good and bad and maybe learn from the mistakes of those who went before us.

    Anyway i went to Rebel sports this morning and found a TICA Scepter for $150 less 30% so $112.5 :)🙂 later it was mine. It came with two spare spools which is always a bonus one for mono and one for…[Read more]

  • LeestonSurfcaster replied to the topic Reels in the forum Tackle Talk 14 years ago

    Help !

    I was down at tamutu last saturday eveneing got a huge hook up :) and after about 20 mins my old Diawa “LongCast” said enough and basically exploded all over the beach :( 🙁 :(.

    The dilema i now face is what to replace it with.

    Shimano’s are very nice but well out the depth of my pockets.

    So the 3 options i have been considering are.

    Tica…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the directions i can see baileys road on my map now. I can see a lot of “roads” that lead down to the beach but do they really exist? How far down do you go?

  • Ok I will play dumb here but where is Baileys beach? I see you guys posting about it but i can’t see it on any of my maps. Does it go by any other names?



  • Yeah i was thinking the same. I haven’t seen any trawlers but there were a number of seals in the surf and a dead one on the beach.

    Is anyone having any luck around taylors mistake / boulder bay area / godley head area. I always wanted to try down by the old military installations (thru the tunnel) but its a long walk down if there are no fish :D[Read more]

  • Things have been very quiet at Coopers Lagoon and Tamutu. Well for me anyway best catch in the past 2 weekends was a few doggies.

    Is anyone having any luck in these spots?

    If so what time of day and what baits? I have tried squid, crabs, soft-baits, mullets and not a lot happening :(