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  • Me and a friend caught a few school groper in Clova Bay / Grant Bay, Marlborough sounds a few years ago………….. easily casting distance from the shore but we were in a boat. Actually lets be honest, he caught them, not me. lol. But here’s me holding them.

  • Nice catches from Diamond Harbour Zac, wouldn’t have thought you would get those that far inside Lyttleton. Definately opens up the options :) Thanks for posting.


  • Went fishing with Greg last night at Amberley Beach, each of us got a nice rig around 12 to 13lb perhaps, didn’t have scales. Here’s my one.

    Had two other hook ups but lost them behind the breakers, one felt resonable whereas the other felt like an averagely sized fish.


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    Went fishing with Greg (firy ginga) last Saturday trying to go for flounder, we went to south brighton beach and got a fair amount of ghost shrimps (yabbies). All done by shovel so it was a fair bit of work, really need to work on getting a yabbie pump as it would make things easier, but in saying that if you only have a spade it can do the job…[Read more]

  • I remember reading I think it might’ve been on here or somewhere else that some kingfish were taken in a trawler that was working off the Timaru coast 2 or so years back in late summer.

    I should try for a kingie this summer to, I’ve got the gear there that’s for sure. Had a boat but gone now so would be land based fishing. Could buy a resonable…[Read more]

  • Went up to Kaikoura on Saturday and met up with Greg (Firey Ginga? You still that name Greg?). Stayed two nights and came back on Monday afternoon. And yes all of a sudden Miliwolf turned up! lol. So that was good with the 3 of us fishing.

    Moki fishing was pretty much non-existent although Greg did get a small one which he put back of course.…[Read more]

  • I’d be dam happy with one rig and one ellie Greg. lol

  • Lack of fishing here to Steve, but here’s me with a big snapper!! Bugger is I didn’t actually catch it, dammit. lol.

    I’m Aaron, 25 here

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    Went up on the 1st to Kaikoura and watched these guys fishing in the evening for a bit. Me and Shark_Tale went to bed and woke up again at about 4.30 in the morning. I caught three Moki and one other dam fish which I can’t remember the name of. Andrew you know what it was! lol. Two of the Moki were a bit to small, one was ok which I’ll post a pic…[Read more]

  • I used to live at Southshore and went down to the beach occasionally to get some bait.

    Alot of the time I always saw people of asian decent taking sacks full of tuatuas, I was around 10 back then, if I had’ve known better I would’ve called some sort’ve fisheries officer.


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    I saw a few off the Kaikoura wharf swimming along at night when fishing there a year or two ago, not heaps but there were a few.


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    Still here, read every day.

    Went out surfcasting a fair few times at Taumutu however no results apart from a few small dogfish and the odd tiny shcool shark. Piermaster (Andrew) seems to have had much better luck! Got a few nice big mullet at Birdlings one day with fireyginger (Greg) just behind the breakers, but that’s not really all that note…[Read more]

  • Yeah it does, lol.

    The Moki was caught out off the heads, so not within the harbour. I’m surprised we got it as he caught it around 11am which is full daylight. I did get one in Kaikoura around 5.30pm in the evening once, it was still quite light outside then so I guess it’s possible. If you launched your boat at dawn and got out to the heads…[Read more]

  • Here’s the pics from Akaroa.

    My friend josh with his moki

    Me with a few Sea Perch


  • It was nice and clear out there grimace I must agree.

    Went out fishing beyond / near Akaroa heads in my friends boat today, the water was so calm with little wind we decided to take his little boat. Used 10 litres of petrol for the whole trip which is great! Caught some sea pearch and my friend josh got a nice moki! Got a few blue cod to but they…[Read more]

  • Not sure about others but I’ve found I don’t catch any mullet in winter, they seem to disappear and come back in August or September.

    Maybe I haven’t been out enough, should they be there in winter?


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    Great stuff yakkaman! Those Kayaks are doing the job nicely, cheaper to run, and you can launch in more inaccessible areas. What bait?

    Awesome catch!


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    I caught my big Rig at Amberley beach on a raw bannana prawn from countdown (Thanks Greg!), they are sometimes there in a frozen section wrapped in glad wrap on a meat tray type of setup. Paddle crab works well to and would equally be a good bait, if your too lazy like me you’ll just buy them from the fish section at the supermarket.

    One…[Read more]

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    But the best bit was dad hooking a KINGFISH!!! It was a smaller one and unfortunately he lost it as he went to lift it into the dinghy. :cry:
    I headed back out trolling but had no luck. So had fun hooking up on coutta instead.

    I’ve never heard of people catching kingis in kaikoura before??? Anyone…[Read more]

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    Big rig and decent sized school sharks off the Governors Bay jetty? What the? Maybe that might be worth a shot then, wouldn’t of thought you would get diddly squat there. Rays I could understand, flounder, small Kaiwhai and mullet to but didn’t think of much else. How big were the school sharks you were getting rdeejay?


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