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    Awsome Photos there Milli, quite the tallent….havent been out much…went to birdlings on the 30th jan and my friend caught his first moki, 50cm long, we had it for dinner that night, very tasty…we also kept a larger wrass type fish, but it was quite flavourless and watery but worth a crack…..good to try a new spot and get on to a new…[Read more]

  • Fished coopers lagoon beach last night with a friend….lots of people there, one kite set up managed what looked to be 3 or 4 doggies on Pippi and a bag on long line, bit far to see but didnt look much happing…..didnt see anyone catch anything on rods…we had the usual, crab, pipis and cooked prawn…all baits getting stripped…was hoping for…[Read more]

  • Awsome photo mili, well done

  • Thanks for the heads up Beamer, I havent been able to make it down, my friend got two last night though on crab and mum and dad been the last couple of days but no joy for them sadly.

    Well done to those that have been out there, I will give it a shot as soon as the conditons allow.

    cheers, Hipp

  • S/S, if you cant catch em theres no point in any of us trying!!!! cheers, Hipp

  • [quote="elmo22":2j1cjise]whet part of the coast were you at hipp[/quote:2j1cjise]

    Not far from Karamea Elmo

  • Hey all, back to that time of year again, trying to get a few feeds for the freezer,:)

    Been down to Coopers lagoon a couple of times over this month with two small rig caught on prwans, no sign on the beach of much activity otherwise.

    But on the good news front, just back from the West Coast and pleased to say i landed my biggest ever…[Read more]

  • good to see a few of you still getting out and about….me and a cobber, his kids and Mrs, went back up to the sounds three weeks ago to Broughtons Bay, got a few flats in the net and we got on to a few kahawai (small) in a bit of current,,,, lots of burley and lots of diferant bait tried, but no Snapper….cant say I was really supprised, nice to…[Read more]

  • Well done burkfish, and thank you for your continuing reports, I hope to get back out Thursday late afternoon or the weekend. Cheers, Hipp

  • cool, well done…..I havent been out for a few days now, too dark at night now after work…reduced to days off and sundays after work, good to hear they are still coming through., cheers, Hipp

  • fished the gorge again this evening, no fish but water has a nice bit of colour in it, and alittle more water, should be good for a fuw days, good luck, cheers, Hipp

  • Still fishing away at the Waimak Gorge each night, still havent sighted one my self but angler numbers have swelled and I have herd of first hand sightings myself,the earliest of which was seen on saturday, they will proberbly all slip through while Im away for easter, the sneaky buggers… lol, so best you get in there and get some….leave one…[Read more]

  • Thanks kris, phew, so still below me, thats good:)…fished the gorge again to night just an hour and ahalf before dark, nothing sighted,river dropping still…..cant fish tomorrow…its bound to be a cracker…roll on sunday, cheers, Hipp

  • Fished the Gorge again last night, a few more there with lines in the water now, but still no sign of a fish when i left at 7 pm…crystal clear again and falling in volume…..you guys that are fishing upper reaches….what do you call upper reaches? above ofr below the Gorge?…..in other words, are they slipping past me yet:), Cheers, Hipp

  • Im just back from the gorge yet again,no fish sighted….
    water level has dropped a little from yesterday and the river is a nice green colour, it wont take long to being crystal clear again! get out there tomorrow, I cant make it tomorrow, so you can be sure it will be a great day on the river lol, good luck to all, cheers, Hipp

  • Congratulations onyour first Salmon Grumpy Gel, awsome.

  • Nice fish Boon….Im just back from the Waimak Gorge, shes got a bit of colour in it, still debateably fishable, shes up a couple of feet or so…no fish sighted, I was there for about an hour and a half and the level didnt change while I was there…..looking forward to the next week or so:), cheers, Hipp

  • Some nice fish there fellas,
    I fished the Waimak Gorge again late afternoon till dusk, nothing seen, hooked my first fish on the new rod and fisrt fish on braid….well, I think I was a bit keen with my strike and just about pulled its lips off, the trout, lept klean out of the water and through the hook, it must have been a bit shocked or sore…[Read more]

  • I have fished a bit at the waimak gorge and and below, with no fish seen at all as yet, The reports from the mouth have been of good numbers seen and caught for over a week now, but I still havent seen a fish up higher yet….Ill keep at it. well done to all those further down the river and for your reports, Ill let you know when I see or hear of…[Read more]

  • Thats black thing is a Blue Cod bro,,,you not seen one before?

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