• Hee Hee Hipp well picked up. :grin: . It is indeed a Southern Tiphead, a very distant relative of the Austrailian Flathead. Yes it does kinda look like a kahawai, in fact it fights just like a Kahawai, tastes just like a kahawai . In fact when you catch one, you would swear its a kahawai. But no its a Southern Tiphead from now on.

    Cheers Trev aka Hardy

  • Good God Socky, you don’t mean he brushed Single Malt into a prime Rig Fillet before smoking it. I was thinking about brushing a portion of Jack Daniels fine Tennessee whisky onto my Kahawai before smoking it. Incidentally when I tried some of Ians Single Malt , it came out my nose and ears. So I had to add some coke for the next three or four.…[Read more]

  • Now these do smoke up well. Southern Tiphead. Westport. This affo. 58cms. Fat as and full of roe. Gunna go into my poormans smoker. To good for bait.

    Cheers Trev aka Hardy

  • Buggar Birdlings :grin: . Here is a few trinkets Ron picked up in the Mokihinui Comp. Gentle Annie, the Mussel Rocks, he didn’t tell me. :evil:
    Trying to get him to front up here Alan and Sandra. Was talking to him tonite. And told him I had met you both. The ole buggar hasnt worked out how to post pics on a forum yet. I went through the steps with him,…[Read more]

  • Good snapper Craig. I will rub that one in when I next talk to Ron. Good to see another Coaster on here. I’m in Blenheim at the moment and heading home to Westport Sunday. Yep Birdlings, finally heading home after an epic journey ( hush, loose lips sink ships :grin: ) . Hope the snapper are waiting for me. Well one or two at least.
    Although I must…[Read more]

  • I caught two real big hangovers. It was a very social Fishing Competition indeed. Elmo not only got two rig,( and he needs a new hat) but I suspect he to is a little seedy today. Ian was the perfect host. Just don’t touch his single malt whiskey. The fishing was buggered at about 1pm when a bloody great on shore wind sprang up. It disappeared…[Read more]

  • Hardy replied to the topic Forum Competition in the forum Surfcasting 13 years, 6 months ago

    Hi Birdlings. I will now come over to Birdlings Flat on Saturday. Got to ChCH yesterday. I think that what everybody has to consider is that getting these things together is difficult when the weather and sea, dont want to play ball. Keep up the good work. See ya sometime saturday.

    Cheers Trev

  • Hardy replied to the topic Forum Competition in the forum Surfcasting 13 years, 6 months ago

    Way back when I was a young kid living in ChCh. Like about Four. I can remember Dad taking me to this beach. It had this one big wave and people were fishing.
    It had lots of little stones on it. I can remember that I was amazed that the they were catching these silver fish, outa that real big wave. It was a big dumpa wave.
    I can remember…[Read more]

  • As a footnote. I just love recurve hooks. One: they self catch and most of the time your rod is in the holder when the fish hits. And 2: When you catch the toothy ones, very sharp toothy ones. Well a recurve will always get them in the side of the jaw. And fish dont have teeth there. I use 60lb traces as a bonus. Take a look inside Mr Greyboys…[Read more]

  • And just to show you, yep that flys do work.

    Nine mile Beach, Westport, exact same place I was fishing in today. And yep 2010. Feb to be exact. See this thread hasnt been edited yet :grin: its still 2010 catches. So I sneak in. But maybe todays catch is disqualified being 2011.

    Fly. Red, green white. 1/0 Gammy Recurve.

    Greyboy. About 4 foot.
    The…[Read more]

  • Well Elmo

    The Poranui Prawnerator accounted for two of the smaller rig. But as I had a whole prawn on the hook, guess I will never know. Might slide it up the trace a bit and see how well it does on its own. Might have to soak it Prawn Juice first tho :grin: And yep pretty good for a day time catch I reckon. That Nine Mile beach here is a rig and…[Read more]

  • Hardy replied to the topic Forum Competition in the forum Surfcasting 13 years, 6 months ago

    Good call Elmo, sea’s no good. Then we will indeed just have a right ole West Coast or Birdlings Flat P–s up. Buggar the Single Malts though. I hated malt when I was a kid :grin: . But like I said, I will bring the Tea bags if Ian just wants a nice hot cup of tea. Would bring my wife, but buggar don’t have one of those. She buggered of after I…[Read more]

  • Well my first post on this thread. Nine Mile Beach Westport. Out by Tauranaga Bay, not that far from Cape Foulwind. Decided buggar the snapper, that are pretty thin on the ground at the moment. I am going to go target Rig. Used to live at Tauranaga Bay and would set a net in the Bay by the rocks in picture, low tide setting.
    Would get around…[Read more]

  • Hardy replied to the topic Forum Competition in the forum Surfcasting 13 years, 6 months ago

    Dont put me into the postponment equation, as I have to travel to ChCh anyway. Will have my Laptop with me and T Stick so I can check progress after I leave Westport
    on Wednesday afternoon. And if the sea beats us, will probably head out to Birdlings on Friday anyway to check out the gallery and meet up with ya Ian, and likely stay the night in…[Read more]

  • Hardy replied to the topic Forum Competition in the forum Surfcasting 13 years, 6 months ago

    Swellmap not looking good for Birdlings. Thursday 4 metre, Friday 3 metre, Saturday around 2.5metre. Is Swellmap accurate for Birdlings. Wind seems to be all over the place. Maybe it will change later in the week. Wot you local Birdies say. Ya can’t beat local knowledge.

    Cheers Trev

  • Hardy replied to the topic Auckland Spots in the forum Surfcasting 13 years, 6 months ago


    This forum is more or less a South Island based (NZ) Forum.

    The best one for you if you are gunna be Auckland based is


    And yes Bronzies at Hawai Beach not far out of Auckland. Just do a search in previous posts. They are on the WalkAbout sub forum.

    Cheers Hardy aka Trev

  • Hardy replied to the topic Forum Competition in the forum Surfcasting 13 years, 6 months ago

    Now Birdlings, thats what I call good thinking. A laid back competition, with non edible species like Seven Gillers and Rays being let go after recording. And the eatie ones can be weighed, digitally captured also ( I Ilike that) then headed and gutted. And honesty is of course the best policy. And if not all Have a camera or photo capable…[Read more]

  • Hardy replied to the topic Forum Competition in the forum Surfcasting 13 years, 6 months ago

    Seems to me Birdlings you have everything sorted. Hope there are plenty of chooks around the place. What if we all turn up with massive threshers and Seven Gillers to weigh in :smile: . And as a bonus you can get some mugshots, and put us all in the Birdlings Flat Bad Boys Gallery. Lets hope the sea and weather play their part.

    You have done well…[Read more]

  • Hi Searunner

    Send me your address to kiwigold@hotmail.com and I will send you a copy up. Its a Free Paper availible at most upper South Island Sports shops and many other outlets. It also is availible in Auckland and Wellington. When are you heading to the Abel Tasman area.

    Cheers Trev aka Hardy

  • If I need crabs. I use my second rod. Get a tangled ball of fine nylon. Tie it to your hook and sinker, Put a largish bait on the hook. Cast it out, it won’t go far but if there are crabs are about you will snare several each cast. Leave bait about 10 minutes.

    Cheers Trev aka Hardy

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