• Reminds me of the time I came over. And actually wandered out on the beach, before the wind became so strong it blew me over. There was this guy trying to set a Kite Rig. One rod for the kite, one for his long line. Man was he having trouble. I didn’t want to interfere. So just sat and watched. In the end he finally got everything back on the…[Read more]

  • Alive and well, liver seems to be functioning okay. Was a bit munted after my last trip to Badlings Flat.
    A single malt with coke is a sacrilige. Lining up a trip over, more than likely Jan. Anyway you are off to Port Somewhere soon, if I recall correctly. Snapper have arrived here, but I havent caught one yet. But soon eh.

    Wish we had Eles here…[Read more]

  • Good to hear from you Birdlings. Bit of a bummer your surgery being delayed. Just lay of the giant Thresher Sharks and the Single Malts
    and you won’t need it lol. Roll on spring. I might even get over and have a go at the Ellies myself. Have never caught one. What month they usually start.

    Cheers Trev

  • 2.83 kilo Birdlings. Hardly a whopper but it did the trick for a young Islander lad in his 20’s. Who only bought his rod on the Friday before the Comp. This was his first time out fishing.

    Cheers Hardy aka Trev

  • The rig that did the damage. Kahawai just seem to love these Green Hotzshot thingies eh.

    My Son Mike with a nice fat Kahawai. Complete with green thing in its mouth.

    Cheers Hardy

  • Hardy with the first weigher. Caught on a Hotshotz Green Flasher with epoxy bright eyes. Same Rig caught another one a few minutes later.

    Neil Angus of Wellington. (Known as Yehhah) on here. The man from the Dark Side and one of NZs greatest Distance Casters.
    With a snapper. Bugga it.

    But then he made up for it and caught ahhhhhh yep…[Read more]

  • The Final Chapter

    Hi All

    Well I could have said, we went, we caught and we won. But thats pretty boring stuff. So lets continue. Now where was I, oh thats right, GK caught a kahawai. Time was lost to me for a while that final day. I think the Guru’s was about 1pm or thereabouts. I was fishing automatically, bait in, bait changed, recast. What…[Read more]

  • Just for Elmo and Ian of course.

    Slowly heading home. Palmerston North tonite. Ferry on Sunday morning, two days at Blenheim. Then back to Westport.

    Still one Chapter to come. And it hasnt been written yet.

    Maybe it was the sun coming out, but I am sure the Guru, put on a couple of inches. Or did that happen when he threw his shoulders back.…[Read more]

  • Its so fitting that I finish this tale, as I sit here at Pikowai, ledgenary stamping ground of the WBSCC and our great and only Geno, hell one of that man is enough. There just arent enough beachs to go around. And thank god for Wireless Internet and T Sticks and Lap Tops. God I am in hallowed ground tonight me matee’s. Almost like I am…[Read more]

  • I sprang outa bed at 5am. On went the billy for a quick cuppa, and I was ready to go. Hell I had survived Day One, throw it at me “God of the Weather”, I can take anything after that thick rain day. Well that was the wrong thing to say, It Started to rain. Shoulda kept my trap shut, I guess. But hey had dry clothes on, and was togged up again for…[Read more]

  • And so it starts, that time when you begin to do the hard yards. The rain got thicker, and the wind blew. At times we stood with our backs to the rods. Like horses in a paddock. The tide was on the make, and the small bite time we had encountered in the early hours was behind us. At some time in the morning, I had another small hit and well it was…[Read more]

  • Now, where was I, well I had taken on board, “NO excuses just get out There”, right here or there I am, so I have done that right. ” Hard and Fast, was also running through my mind. But this was a fishing competition. Not a romantic interlude. And any way I have always believed that slow and steady did the trick. And have always stuck to that.

    A…[Read more]

  • Hi Folks

    Did the ITM Kahawai World Cup last weekend, held at Papamoa. My Team of four, took out the Team Event. $1000.00 plus a big Cup. About 340 fishers all up.
    29 Teams. Conditions were tough. Team was me, Gary Kemsley from Hawkes Bay, Neil Angus ( Yeehah/Kiwicaster) Wellington and James Benge, Hawkes Bay.

    Will put the story up…[Read more]

  • What do they call those things attached to house sales. Condicils or something.

    Yours should include. New owner must be a thoroughly good bloke. Such as the current owner.
    Be able to organise ripper Fishing Contests.
    To Organise and arrange mighty prizes for said Contest.…[Read more]

  • Well Arty Farty One, been chasing Rig by day and snapper by night. Lots of small snapper over here at the moment. Legals, Pannies but you need a small pan. :grin:
    Scored a few Rig in my daytime adventures, got a 4lb snapper last night, so I can take the big pan out. Had seven good Rig hits today, and not one hook up. The buggars were just mouthing…[Read more]

  • My God Ian

    Now you have put the Soft Bait Manufacturers onto something. Partly digested Seahorses for Seven Gill Sharks. Don’t think there will be much of a market though.
    You and sharks have a thing going, a Thresher gives you a bit of grief, and you make a Seven Giller take a puke :grin: reckon you are all square now :smile: .

    Cheers Trev

  • Just saw your fine offer on TM Ian. You have a heart of gold, For a rough old tough bloke :grin: . Oh and glad to see you back. Never let the winkers win. And one day I hope to catch a bloody big Thresher and give it a good dose of angina at Birdlings Flat :D . For those that don’t know Ian has offered accomodation for ChCh folk affected by the…[Read more]

  • Ok Beameer

    Time for a little frontal. Ian aka Birdlings Flat caught that thresher on a telescopic rod. And on his own. I know that for a fact . And the body is in a hidden place , where little bugs are getting a feed. And Ian will recover the jaws. And good on him. He deserves that. After a fight of well over an hour he beached a worthy…[Read more]

  • Hardy replied to the topic Home Page Pics in the forum Surfcasting 13 years, 5 months ago

    Yep not a big buggar Zac, bit of a youngie really. Now did the Ellie catch a Marlin or did a Marlin catch the Ellie. Now go search and seek the answer Zac.
    Open your horizens and look beyond what you think you see. Ah yes grasshopper, do you see it now. I cannot lead you, only point the way. Or as a lost Alien once said,
    ” Phone Home”. Thats…[Read more]

  • I agree Birdlings. This bleeding thing is to me pure crap. Passed down from generation to generation without thought. If you catch a Southern Tiphead, off with his head while he is still kicking. Out with his guts. And he will bleed out. And he or she is dead dead dead. Same with all fish. This bleeding Kahawai is an old wives tale. And yep no…[Read more]

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