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  • nice fish there what sound were you fishing

  • there are a few cracks you could hammer them into the narrower the spike the better good luck down there if its anything like it was last night youll have a ball

  • the point before te mahia is a good spot to fish any tide ive had some very good fishing down there dont take to much gear as walk up can be a bugger just got back from a fri night and early morn fish in kenepuru caught 14 snapper all up fishy as down there at the mo

  • i have found fishing last 2 hours of incoming then first couple of the outgoing to be best and with the change of light have caught 12 snapper from shore this year so far which is pretty good biggest so far 16lb most from kenepuru but got 3 from rabbit island last weekend

  • i use 9ft to 10ft rods in the kenepuru yes you can fish high tide at island point if you get there at mid tide then you can attach burley bags to sea floor via some plastic cages that have been bolted to the rock which is handy there is a track down from the main road right above the island track is hard to find but its there i spent about 2…[Read more]

  • [quote="Miliwolf":3vdzw8q7]I am heading to the western point of tara bay tonight for a Snapper fish. Probably a bit far from picton for you to join me.[/quote:3vdzw8q7]

    Have you fished this area before? and do you need to drive down tara bay rd and park
    i have fished island point which is just before tara bay its a bit of a hike back up the…[Read more]

  • St_Paul

  • Finally got out for a fish lat night havnt been for a while hopeless really

    went to a spot down the kenepuru that usually fish’s well squid and pillies for bait and caught freash bait pretty quiet but got a good size 10lber around 8 pm on squid bait so good result
    fished from 6pm to around 10pm hopefully get down again next weekend

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    looking at heading to titirangi in a few weeks myself hopefully get onto an early snapper whats the diving like out there will probably take my gear snorkling gear that is have never dived out that way before also looking at heading to hori bay for a look should be good for a kingi or two off the rocks this summer now that road is open again

  • think i’ll look at the shimano range as they seem to be reasonably well priced and good quality
    thanks for that

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    its in croisilles harbour above okiwi bay

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    I have found spotties to be quite good baits for sounds snapper
    have caught quite a few on spottie heads have also seen blue cod and gurnad taken on spottie

  • shit i havnt thought of the port either have a kayak so will definitly try around the area
    have also heard that cissy bay area can produce the goods (dont know how true that is though have never been there)
    gonna try around schnapper point in the kenepuru as well as there is lots of current through there and its only a quick kayak from…[Read more]

  • Hi all im a keen rock fisher from blenheim mainly fish for snapper in the kenepuru but im keen as to get onto a kingi this season but am not to sure where to start looking
    if anyone has any idea’s on any locations in or around the sounds it would be good to know ive heard you can get onto them at french pass but dont really know the area