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  • theres no fish around anywhere. why would you bother fishing with the best summer ever and beer cheaper than ever. fishing is to costly these days for no reward. last year was magic this year custard no fish at all anywhere. rugby season in 2 weeks thank god.

  • been out fishing 4 times this year at dorie. what a waste of time fish arent about at all. to many crabs no schoolies apart from small ones. went fishing friday morn didnt even get one bite was like fishing in toliet. last year was golden this year custard.

    zac how have you found the fishing this year no decent schoolies or anything. got…[Read more]

  • went fishing at dorie beach on friday fishing was not great at all.. caught 4 school sharks only one keeper caught heaps of doggies. was the worst fishing i have had at dorie time to pack up the rods till november..

  • dorie beach is the place to fish rig and school shark and skate plentiful.. conditions are looking cracker water still warm fishing is alive and well still..

  • cheers for the report zac were there many people there at the comp? the conditions would of been dreadful and surprizing people still caught fish . i bet there sinkers were on the beach within minutes . well i hope there is another one soon only about 8 weeks fishing at dorie left till it turns custard and to cold .

  • man it must of been a beast of a cyclone storm up north making huge seas in the south aswell. the beach i normally fish has had good winds and it is very rare for these big swells for the conditions we have had. not to mention on top there are huge surges on all beaches in the south.

  • well you are a keen fishermen the conditions will be rough and not worth wasting your time. i heard there is a monster surge aswell at present. glad your going zac give me a report on how the comp went.

  • cheers for the report zac i was just going to say the conditions are no good a 3 metre swell at present. im giving dorie a miss heard there is a huge rip in the sea at present. bloody murphys law alright i was really looking forward to fishing dorie tommorrow. well

    cheers for the info zac and site i normally use the sky weather report which is…[Read more]

  • conditions cracker for dorie beach fishing comp tommorrow. well if your a keen surfcaster you have to get down to dorie beach tommorrow.. a comp is on im sure the organizers will welcome all who turn up . this beach is the best in i know and you will see some big fish landed like big rig and big schoolies and skate . it will be great to see…[Read more]


    well people nothing beats seaqworms for catching herrings / mullet within seconds after casting your bait will be nailed. sea worms are available from the esturary. the road before redcliffs on low tide grab a fork aqnd dig where there are holes like yabbie holes .

    well nothing beat seaworms its like kfc…[Read more]

  • well i never knew there was rig at black rock were you using crab bait. i heard there was kingis been caught around that area on boats. what else did you catch there haven’t fished there in a long time. a nice 10lb rig yous caught which made it worth while i bet.

  • totally agree there leeston fishermen rubbish is a worry alright. good to see you picked up what you could some people just have no respect or to lazy to take there rubbish home. well where i fish theres bugger all rubbish but always pick rubbish i see around. well its probaly years of rubbish there and very sad to see. well its a shame really…[Read more]

  • zac grab some crabs for dorie great for rig and a majic bait if they are there one bait for rig and one bait for other fish. 5 herring will be plenty that way. well zac you are a very keen fishermen and i can see you will hook maui at the contest on sunday cant wait . i caught all my schoolies on squid today my herring was to old and mushy

    at…[Read more]

  • hi this is a great topic i used a couple of berley bombs today while surfcasting but tangled in lines everytime i tried.. i was fishing 3 rods though which made it impossible to get it out without tangling in line. it attracted the fish though beacause i saw a penguin in the breakers chasing small fish right infront of me .

    i suppose the…[Read more]

  • went fishing at dorie today for 5 hours 6am till 10am caught 5 small schoolies and dogfish. i caught a crab on my line used it as bait and caught a huge rig 15lb atleast. a great days fishing the rig made my day the water was dirty from the southley on monday but the sea was good for fishing. saw a pengiun to for the the first time there.

    zac…[Read more]

  • i totally agree with zac dorie is great fishing and has big fish there most of the time. doggies just kill the fishing if they are around. doggies are great bait for skate and stays on the hook the best i know and works just soak it in fish oil and its cheap good bait .

    well dorie is not looking good for a fish this weekend the southley is going…[Read more]

  • man the fishing sounds good in timaru with all sorts of fish to catch on the wharf. i went fishing off the rocks there years ago and it was awesome fishing..

    great to see people catching salmon on the wharf heres a great tip on catching one .. put a pilchard on a float and see if theres a salmon around it will monster it. well wish i bloody…[Read more]

  • well great stuff storm thats a great shark. have many have you caught  like that you seem like a pro . well interesting you say skake is the best bait  do you use monster baits .

    storm what is the best bait you use for skate i use doggie it works wonders . well me and zac are dreaming of catching one very soon .

  • zac dorie is no good after a southley for 2 days which hit yesterday when you were fishing. dorie is good alright and you have the bug like me cant wait to fish it.  im going for a fish on friday morning should be good by then weather permitting.

    dorie is the land where jaws lives and i will catch it oneday

  • zac thats great theres a comp there i will be going down there when its on.  havent had a chace to go down there lately. but will in the next week. well i have caught big school sharks like the one in photo excatly the same size.

    cant wait till the comp is on to see what is caught with heaps of rods in water i know ill catch a big skate and…[Read more]

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