• To be honest mate, you seem to take your share from the resource. You are obviously a very good angler, and one that probably has very good intentions, but please lay off the holier than thou crap, doesn’t really suit you. We all care for our environment, in our own, individual ways. Granted, some more than others. To be honest, I doubt that the…[Read more]

  • Not at all uncommon to see Broadies on the surface. Off the coast of Peru, they are targeted with kites and baits whilst cruising on the surface.Because they generally hunt and swim at great depths, they quite often come to the surface to sun themselves , apparently for warmth. There are many reports of game fish acting strangely on the surface…[Read more]

  • I own/built a century rod for salmon distance casting. This outfit casts 20 m past everything else, and is a joy to use. Not cheap, but very,very good. In my opinion, both the Harrison and the tri-caster are a little too light in the tip region and that costs distance. If your interested, pm me, I can help.

  • I offer that the circular flesh wound is the work of a cookie cutter shark. Have seen it many times on various species of fish. They have bio-luminescence in their eyes and when fish come to investigate at night, they attack with a circular, sawing bite. They are much the same size of spiney dogs. I am finally going to start tomorrow, been so…[Read more]

  • [quote="rig_slasher":2eouwd8b]prizes catch n release i.e hot weird greedy gob women and what theyl do to win top prize

    Mine wld win full core[/quote:2eouwd8b]
    wtf? rofl, I think…. :???: :???:

  • Perhaps another points system? I have fished a lot of competitions, something like 500 plus, ranging from club level to national. My advise would be along these lines. Make different species worth different points per kilo, and make the undesirable/inedible species ineligible to weigh in. Perhaps something along the lines of 30 point fish, Snaps,…[Read more]

  • Yeah , congrats on your first toad! That’s what that is and that’s what the Japs turn into that dish they have. They are poisonous to eat, but the Japs have a technique for cooking them that "usually" renders them harmless. Even so, several people a year die from eating them there. As an aside, this is also the same fish that large pelagic…[Read more]

  • Here’s another opinion….these things are just made for, and sold to people that cant fish, in a nutshell. It truly pisses me off to be standing on a west coast beach fishing for snaps with two rods, one hook on each, and watch as some plonker sets up next to me and sets their "harvester" out and pulls in 5-10 snaps, some of which I was certainly…[Read more]

  • up near farewell spit there ss….I have had some amazing sessions at Buller mouth, Westport, with the water at only 13…Full moon is crucial…Westport is a lot closer

  • try looking at tackle tactics forums, they are full of north island info, most posts here are south island guys, cheers and good luck

  • water temps are available on select surfing option, then area your interested in, then other info , and there it is. As Ive said before, the presence,or lack of dogfish is a great indicator. They dont seem to like water above 16 degrees…cheers

  • just back from the top of the south surfcasting, an arvo-evening and morning session. Water temp, 17, wind offshore and swell about a meter. Caught 3 nice snaps, probably 50 large ky and at least 15 sharks. 2 sharks were around 5 footers with heaps of 4 footers, good solid fish. Also broke 2 off on purpose before they spooled me, big ones…all…[Read more]

  • I have done heaps of all nighters, and been rewarded with a lot of fantastic fishing.Usually the biggest fish tend to be active in the wee hours, be it Kahawai, snapper or any of the sharks/rays. I would sugest beefing up your gear if you intend to do it on a regular basis. Take good note of the moon phases and equate them to your results, it…[Read more]

  • croozer replied to the topic west coast snapper in the forum Surfcasting 11 years, 4 months ago

    hey there, Time of the year is not as important as water temp. Anything 18 and above will get you snaps. I have caught them down to 16, but the dogfish become unmanageable at the lower temps. Good luck with your quest, and dress apropriately for the sandflies, they can be savage on the beaches, esp on calm days.

  • nothing makes white sharks seem like pussies ss…they use makos for tooth picks….good luck with your quest, just be careful when landing makos as they will attack and thier teeth are literally razor sharp. i found the use of tuna/fish oil to be very benificial in conjunction with your burley/chum….cheers

  • all good info there SS….I will add that I used to think that the perch’s spines were “over-rated”, and for 30 years I handled them(lots of them), without incedent. When I actually did get a real spining from one, by golly….I still remember the pain, and being a ways off-shore(miles), by myself, I also remember thinking I may have been in…[Read more]

  • had a good time last night…nice to meet you good to get out again soon

  • croozer replied to the topic rubberrised cork tape in the forum Tackle Talk 12 years ago

    go to, they have it…delivered in 4 days…

  • croozer replied to the topic hook sharpeners in the forum Tackle Talk 12 years, 1 month ago

    i use a diamond stone, pocket size, and keep touching them with it the whole time im fishing..always put oil in your containers, just a little is all you need…nothing looses fish quicker than dull hooks..when they are too far gone, just chuck em..

  • anyone useing downrigger and cd-7-9 rapala? when used in conjunction with a good sounder and some thought and effort, no doubt you will clean up…kind of wish i lived there to trial it..also, dont worry too much about real solid fish echoes, look more for structure that will hold/condense baitfish…cheers

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