• [quote="shark slayer":ys3ahbia]the action is what does the damage..i have had heaps in the last month or so on the fly (grey ghosts with yellow chenelle)and softbaits.sometimes the trout will hit it four or five times before hooking up..i have had three crash the shingle bank to hit them thats how bad they wanna eat em” and have hooked up…[Read more]

  • I was just after people’s opinions about using scented soft baits for sea-run trout fishing.

    Has anyone found that the scented soft baits out fish the unscented soft baits?

    Or does anyone have any other opinion about the scented soft baits?

    Is ‘lifelike action’ better than scent or does it really matter?

  • Just been down to Rakaia on Wednesday, 11th Feb and fished from early morning. About ten fish landed in boats. six hooked on one side of the river,three caught/three lost and three lost on the other side. Some of the locals said it was better fishing the day before but it sounds like its fishing quite well in the mornings at the mouth but not…[Read more]

  • Hi fishsnatcher, thanks for all your help and tips. Much appreciated!

  • [quote="fishsnatcher":3k9giblb]Is this specifically for rapalas? Because if not i can advise on a lure which is just as good, cheaper, and better casting…[/quote:3k9giblb]

    Hi fishsnatcher, what lure have you found that is just as good and cheaper than rapalas? Im interested, as Im still looking into rapalas, before buying any. And any other…[Read more]