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    [quote="Yakkaman":3r3t3iac]Here’s a pic of a brownie Dean hooked up on Sunday, shame it wasn’t better conditioned could have been double digits


    Brownie! :shock: haha

    Where was this salmon?

  • Well she’s pretty much over rover. took one more after the last fresh on the Mak (6 for the season). I must say that hole at groyne 26 is a lovely bit of water…and holding some nice trout (saw 1 sloshing round in the gut directly under the ripples) Ive never fished groyne 26 but did a recky to it last sat, and spent the arvo on it. I’m sure a…[Read more]

  • I would, but i feel all the fish have gone up stream and the holes are drying up. I do hope there is a late run and that someone reports if any decent number caught around the mouth : )

  • [quote="fishfox":39owlsnw]So how is the season going? At about 1 posting per month on this site we’re starving for news! Assume its because you’re all so busy hauling them in you don’t have time to write! Would really like a run-down of all/any river, upstream and surf, size, condition, fishing pressure… and how it compares to last year…c’mon…[Read more]

  • If anyone/Alan has any info on numbers of salmon being caught at the waimak at the moment, …it would be great to hear. I’m trying to ambush one up river : )

  • [quote="fishsnatcher":3ey2tfmk]If it is, congratulations for 11 years ago it’s a massive salmon, the photo doesn’t give it much credit.[/quote:3ey2tfmk]

    No, I have one of it in a bath on ice…it took up the whole bath!!

  • [quote="yellowfin":1l9uua0y]Hi Dean’o,
    Welcome to the South Island. The limit is the same for salmon throughout the South Island ie: two fish. In some high country lakes you are allowed up to four landlocked salmon. These are the same fish but they don’t grow anywhere near as big in the lakes where they are mainly plankton feeders.
    Fishing hours…[Read more]

  • 1 Day at the Raikia. 3 Days on the rangi. Bag limit last day at Rangitata mouth.
    Great 3 days, plenty of fish around. Sadly man lost his life at the Raikia mouth on friday.

    I’m getting a buoyancy aid very shortly (long overdue)…and so will a lot more after that tragic morning.


  • Keep the updates coming people. Still a month left and there could be a late run??
    :shock: yeah right!

    Im also keen to learn more about the hot spots up river. I did find a couple of good holes above the pylons, with plenty of fish entering the pool, but not one bite. I think they are focussed on the mission.

    With all the good numbers of fish running…[Read more]

  • 4 Days fishing
    Fri Waimak mouth
    Sat Waimak mouth, Then up river (many fish seen)
    Sunday up river. (more fish seen)
    Today Tentburn. 3 fish landed (couple lost) late arvo…quite a crap day (big sea in the afternoon).

    Fridge empty!

  • [quote="grimace":26bk3066]All go at Macintoshes this morning. Saw about 8 landed on the bank and as many from the boats while I was there (5:30 – 10:30). Including my first salmon, so I’m pretty cuffed right now.[/quote:26bk3066]

    Well done! I was there. I wonder who you are?
    Fished mouth till lunchtime then up river later.

  • [quote="Booger":38sproqm]Were the Kaiapoi salmon caught on bait? I thought about getting some pilchards but they look too big to use as whole bait for salmon, I’m thinking anchovies would be a more realistic size, though one guy I was talking to reckoned that salmon are quite attracted to the smell/taste of pilchards in…[Read more]

  • Anyone have any recent reports on the Salmon runs in any of our salmon rivers…I have heard the Waimak is firing?
    I fished tentburn and took my first season fish last weekend. Only two landed for the whole day I was there…and plenty of fisherman.

  • Hi all, Question for anyone that knows…
    Is there a camp site at the Rakia North bank huts?
    Is there one behind the boat ramp? Im lookin for somehwere to camp close-by for a few days…but not the Rakia Holiday park.

    Any info greatly appreciated.


  • [quote="Rodman":1mqghqo3]Some are. Tried to send you a PM but it did not work.[/quote:1mqghqo3]

    Post what you’ve got, i could be keen!

  • [quote="GMAN2907":1u55djx3]Hey all,
    Anyone able to tell me where the mouth of the Rakaia is at the moment in relation to the North & South banks(distance wise). Am hoping to get down there for a few days in the surf once the river/weather etc calm down.

    Its definately North. ive been 4wheeling from tentburn and the…[Read more]

  • [quote="NiNj@":xy9l4uhy]Well guys whats the update? has anyone got any salmon? I went for a fish (surf casting) at the waimak mouth last saturday morning and F%$K me! there was about 3000 salmon fishos and the beach looked like a 4X4 car sales yard. POOR bloody salmon i say!I reakon the salmon dont bite the lure, I think they take a breath of…[Read more]

  • Was at the Rangi yesterday…Only a handful caught and mostly on the fly.
    Witnessed allot of porpoising and vertical jumping which is always cool to see, even if you’ve seen it a million :shock: times.
    So they are there or it may have just been the same one, all excited about the fresh water, sex and dieing!! :roll:

    River Low and clear.

  • Ok, this forums a bit quiet, so I’ll start with a wee blurb on my fishing on the Rakia yesterday.
    Well it was my first day at the rakia for the season, the river was clear but not very busy.
    I hooked one Salmon half way down the beach and it subsequently took off to china (I just couldn’t stop it) after 5-10 min it dropped the lure at least…[Read more]