• BLAST…..i forgot, u also need a ” knob of butter ” inside the trout with the onions n raisins ( n smarties ). Dont forget to DOUBLE wrap, cos a single layer punctures too easy. I guess the trout kinda ” poaches ” in its own juices ( along with onions raisins n smarties ). I dont add salt, but a sprinkle of pepper may be to your taste. The…[Read more]

  • I can get into smoked trout……the old man does nothing but. Its nice , i guess……but y’see I LIKE TROUT, and I dont need it to taste of manuka !

    Last time we raided lake Daniels a couple of pommie tourists passed by and asked us wot we were cooking in the foil we had in the fire. We said trout. They said get outta here. We said have a…[Read more]

  • Hi Miliwolf

    Yup, thats the very thing. Much cheaper and better quality than anything we could find in Timaru. An order has been placed.

    many thanks for tip on beach spike.

    I have the HIGHEST respect for Shimano and Daiwa. The original reels from these makers are works of art, and fully Japanese assembled. It is something of a shame that…[Read more]

  • 1) :) NAME : Andy / AJ

    2) AGE : 40sumthing

    3) LIVE IN : Waimate BORN IN : Christchurch

    4)Resident : yep yep…..cept a couple of years in Oz

    5)Crust : very crusty

    6) Hobbies : aviation , photography, steam , petrol head

    7) How long interested in fishing. My Dad plonked a spinning rig in my hands up at Lake Pearson back in…[Read more]

  • Hi Shark Tale,

    you were 100% right re Trademe. I can only afford the CHEEP stuff, like a 12 ft Silstar Monsoon 2 piece rod ,
    and a Silstar LF60 or JW Mirage 850. But HEY ! Thats ok ! I reckon its a Good Start. Total cost for rig $80.
    I’ll get sinkerz n trace from the same place I guess.

    The Wearhouse was…..not a good option is all I…[Read more]