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    Ok so we havea best fish how about worst fish to eat. list ya least favourite 3 fish to eat.

    Mine are

    1. Kaiwhai i hate the bloody things yuck

    2.Monkfish/stargazer watever the bloody things are

    3.would be that processed hoki. i dont mind some of the processed stuff that you can buy at like kbs bakeys and some cafes in places like cheviot but ONLY if thw fat line has been removed other wise its crap but ifts its prop prepared its all good


    being well known as a bottomless pit, I’ll pretty much eat anything.
    One experience I’ll not repeat would be eating carpet shark. Uugh!!!!


    The worst fish to eat are sometimes the ones you are the worst at cooking.

    Decent size sevengill sharks aren’t very nice.

    I didn’t like banded wrasse when I tried cooking one, tasted like beef fat or something, must’ve been my cooking.

    Spiny dogfish and carpet sharks aren’t the greatest, but aren’t too bad either if you cook them right.


    lol a spotty… tasted to fishy, no seriously it was really strong.


    EEL.smoked or fried or whatever you just cant get rid of that um…..eely taste


    Kawhai makes a bloody good fish for use in seafood chowder.
    As long as they are bled properly when caught, I don’t have a problem with eating them.

    Flounders though are a different story though, IMO, we used to go out catching them in the Milford lagoon when I was a young fella.
    We’d come back with flounders and for the next week or so it would be fried flounders, baked flounders, etc.
    I hate a fish where there are more bones and fins than actual meat to eat, it put me off fish for years after that escapade. :x


    I’d have a Kahawai over a mud fish any day. Bleed em roll in flour shallow fry in very hot oil then straight in to fresh bread is the best.
    Mud fish (trout) give em to the cat if you can’t release it.
    Also flounder from ellesmere are muddy as.

    Fishy Bishy

    Nothing wrong with Kahawai when handled right but the worst fish I have experienced (for me anyway) is Butterfish!
    [b:27yo72oc]Hate the stuff. [/b:27yo72oc]
    Have tried it so many ways, and even bought it at the Fisherman’s Table Restaurant up here near Paekakariki and you would think that would be a no fail mission….WRONG!
    Even my wife found it less than appetising.
    Tasteless, sloppy, flaky, slushy you name it and that covers all ways I have tried.
    After Butterfish, Warehou in fish and chips in the lower nth island is crap!
    They just don’t know the good stuff when they chuck it back up here.
    Shark number one, the best, Warehou…cat food!

    For the record, I would target Red Cod for a feed before eating another Butterfish fillet ANY DAY!!

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