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    Hi, anyone have any tips for winter fishing in mid canterbury…..any comments on areas near ashburton


    There’s not really much around in terms of different species but red cod will be most places. Any of the beaches from birdlings flat south to timaru and further will produce red cod but you’ll have to put up with the dogfish. Generally all you’ll catch over winter off the beaches around ashburton is dogfish, skate and red cod. Smaller school sharks, kahawai and possibly carpet sharks can also be caught but not as common. If you’re willing to travel somewhere, the wharfs at timaru usually have a good amount of red cod around and although I’ve never caught one or targetted them there they also get moki which should still be around over winter. I’ve never put a lot of time into fishing over winter and I’ve only really been fishing a lot for a year now, but if you put the time in you might catch a few species you didn’t think would be around over winter.


    I wonder if using a floated bait would catch a few Barracouta from the shore over winter. I suppose congers would also be about over winter, never had much luck targeting Moki over winter although they are still there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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