Which are the Two Best Places in New Zealand to Fish

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    New Zealand is famous for its trout and salmon fishing opportunities. New Zealand is a typical fishing paradise. There is an abundance of fisheries in this land. It is not surprising then that I grew up to be an ardent lover of fishing myself. The small springs and their creeks are ideal destinations for fishing, there many wildernesses filled with a large population of fishes. There is seldom a vacation when I do not leave the Mark Brewer Mansion with an intention to catch large fishes.

    I have gained a significant experience about the areas I should be targeting. But this knowledge I have gained from my experience and consultations provided by some of my friends in the Forex days (who were great at fishing). For a novice it is very difficult to decide which part to visit for their fishing expedition. There may be some rivers which look good sources of fish on the map, but end up as poor fishery spots, while the same river may have certain tributaries rich in fish population. The fishery strength may also vary from one season to the next. So, I thought of sharing some information that will help you set a fishing expedition.

    · Central North Island: Auckland and Taupo are the leading regions within this area. The area is known for its Rainbow and Brown trouts. Taupo is the largest lake in New Zealand and it has a rich population of fishes. Both the lake and its tributaries have a large percentage of large fishes. There are many other fisheries in the area. There are clear spring creeks that have a fish count of 900 per kilometer and the large rocky rivers have fishes weighing upto 10lbs. Five rivers or lakes within this area were chosen as venues for 2008 World Fly Fishing Championships.

    · Eastern North Island: Again another prominent fishing area within New Zealand. There are fish rich lakes in Rotorua district, Te Urewera National Park and Waikato River. The area witnesses abundance of Brown and Rainbow trout fishes. Eastern North Island is known for the size of its fishes. The fishes regularly weigh more than 10lbs. Just a year back one of my friends caught a fish that weighed 28lbs. The population per kilometer of fishes is very high too.


    Murchison is also a candidate with its wealth of streams and rivers and trophy size brown trouts. Some people even claim that the wider region has the best brown trout fishing in the world.

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