Where can I catch crab and Tuatua in Auckland?

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    Hi all

    I know it may sound weird but I really cannot find a better way to put this. I am currently looking for a good beach where I can find some decent sized Tuatua or clams, and catch some decent sized crabs.

    I have been to Tauranga for crabs and up north for some nice tuatua but as I am in North Shore I am thinking of maybe Muriwai during low tide?

    I have seen some people do this during low tide so will give this a try myself but does anyone know of good locations in North Shore or in the general Auckland area?

    shark slayer

    most guys on here are south islanders man..but there aint much to it..any fine sanded beach has both..for paddlers use a pot any tackle store has em for about 20-40 bux..chuck 10 kg of weight in it use a fish frame or any oily fish..tie it to the middle of the bottom of the pot so they have to come in for a feed and dont just sit on the outside picking at it..tuatua are simple if there are empty shells on the beach that means there are beds there..wade out at low tide they will be in ankle deep water and up to waist deep water..feel the bottom with your feet if you feel a hole or any change in the sands surface thats a tuatua bed so have a dig and pick them out..muriwai should be ideal unless it gets raped but its a pretty large beach so should be productive..hope this helps.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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