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    Thought it might be useful to record ‘ travel times it takes to travel to different fishing locations. The times I record are return trips, with no significant delays or speeding. Thought it could be useful for planning trips.

    Would update when I record furture trips…

    [b:2sny8qqt]via havelock [/b:2sny8qqt]

    Grove Arm: 40 minutes

    Moetapu Bat: 45 minutes

    Okiwi Bay: 65 minutes

    Kaiuma Bay: 70 minutes

    Broughton Bay: 70 minutes

    Cabel Bay: 70 minutes

    Hori Bay: 75 minutes

    Tennyson inlet: 80 min

    French Pass: 2.30 hrs

    Titirangi 2.30-3hr

    (I think these times are back to where I live, so add 4-8 to get to Blenheim)

    [b:2sny8qqt] Picton[/b:2sny8qqt]

    Whatamango 40 minutes

    [b:2sny8qqt]Port Underwood[/b:2sny8qqt]

    (From Spring Creek)

    Diversion: 7 minutes

    Rarangi: 10 minutes

    Whites Bay: 17 minutes

    Robin Hood: 28 minutes

    Ocean Bay: 41 minutes

    [b:2sny8qqt] East Coast Beaches [/b:2sny8qqt]

    Seaview: 20 minutes*

    Blind River: 25 minutes*

    SaltWorks: 32 minutes*

    Three Fords: 60 minutes*.

    Kaikoura: 1hr 30

    * (uncertain of return location)


    Just gotten back from Saltworks and I timed it again…

    Recorded time at 4:30pm when I started my trip, was at welcome to Blenheim sign at 4:45pm (thats just 15 minutes) and got all the way back to my place within 25 minutes of leaving salty.

    I am surprised that it is only 15 minutes from the outskirts of Blenheim and the Saltworks….. must of done something wrong :shock:

    Must record more times to confirm.


    That would be about right although im picking 20 minutesa would be a better time as it is usually 15 minutes to get to seddon, and also depends if you take the blind river loop road or the main road past the salt works i have found the blind loop road to be several minutes quiker. And also its lees time to get to salty or seaview than it is to get to wairua bar.


    Never would have thought the Loop road would have been quicker…. It Just seems to be so narrow and windy. I been down it on occasions but normally to check on Blind River before heading home.

    Loop road: 7.9km
    Via SH1 11.7km

    Sounds crazy that the Bar could take longer then the Cloudy Bay beaches, It always seems like a quick trip down to the Bar or Diversion and a real journey over to the Awatere. Maybe it is due to all of the hills.

    I feel it is a quick drive over to the Grove Arm when in reality it takes twice the time of my other favorite spots.

    French Pass seems quicker then Kaikoura when in reality it is further….


    Went to Salty again today, Took me approx 22mins to get to salty from the signs (Seddon in 15 minutes). Driving conditions were tough, so was not going fast but still slid at one stage :oops: Hard to believe I did it 7 minutes faster one day with no serious speeding…..

    Salty via Blind river loop took 7 minutes.
    Salty via SH1 and around Settling ponds 7 minutes.

    I believed the blind river loop might have been slightly quicker.




    Throw a Campervan or large truck onto SH1 would make it quite a bit slower then the blind river loop.

    So from now on, If conditions are dry I would take the Blind River route, if conditions are wet and slippery then I would stick with SH1.

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