The ITM World Cup Kahawai Fishing Competition. Papamoa

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    Hi Folks

    Its a a cut and copy paste from another Fishing Forum. But I can only write this once. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writting it.

    And the ” Fishing was mighty fine fun too” Trev

    Hi Folks:

    Well where do start. Well many months back, was sitting in front of the Puta and saw this ITM World Cup Comp talked about on here. And at Papamoa, and the month I was going to be in that neck of the woods, visiting me mate Bill who lives there. So had another JD and gave the matter a bit of thought.

    Two JDs later. Well let me see, who is showing interest. Well there is GK and Neil, need one more for a Team. So will keep Chad in mind. Ring GK and say lets put a Team Entry in. I have our accomodation jacked up (Having already rang Bill).

    And so it was on. Chad finally surfaced from down at the RNZPC and he was on board. In went the entry to qualify for the Early Bird Prize, a big Flat screen Tele. And the plans started to be made. Gary was appointed the CEO, bit hard for me to do all the planning from the deep South. And then the banter started. I might add Gary suggested that any cash winnings be split four ways, this was agreed upon by the Team. No arguements then or hard feelings at the end of the day.

    I set forth in my Camper van from Westport and arrived at Papamoa Wednesday night. And got things sorted at Bills, and of course visited the Beach, and had a bit of a yarn with Tangaroa. And yep Frosty that may have just done the trick.

    The lads turned up Friday, with James moving into Chads spot. Well this was James, the legendary Hawkes Bay Kahawai Slayer, we were locked and loaded. Big Team talk friday night. Some secret plans were altered owing to sea conditions, new plans were made. Experimental gear was left packed. Conditions were going to be hard. So it was gunna be tried and true used for two days.

    Met Geno on the Friday night briefing. Geno you just didn’t look like I had imagined. What a fine old fella you are. Missed out on winning the Early Bird Draw. Damm only 29 in it, one chance outa 29 and we fluffed it. Oh well, we would have had to sell the tele on TM and do a four way split, bit of a hassle eh. And we had no room to transport it anyway. As any space we did have, in our fishing mobiles was reserved for all the other stuff we were gunna score over the next two days. Gary started the Ball rolling with a Tui Booze Bag, all he had to say to a question from Bill Hohepa, was ” Hullo Hullo” and it was his. I wondered why Gary was saying Hullo to me, as we had already met.

    Right lets get to the good stuff. Saturday morning. Bloody hell outa bed at 5.15am, this is madness, sheer bloody madness. What kinda man heads of to a beach at this hour, well Gary, Neil and James. I have no option but to blindly follow.

    Wagons are packed, headlamps are on. And at 6am the convoys heads out. The sea is roaring, not a star to be seen. But at least the 15 knot head wind is warm or was it 20. Guru Kemsley has picked us a spot.

    Oh well he has written a few books about fishing so it must be good I thought. Waders on, pack is loaded and we trudge down the sandy track to the foreshore. And then the head wind hit me, and I was blown back a few paces. Hunched over, and thought, ” What the hell am I doing here” what madness did I create, all those months back. When primed with several JDs, sitting in my warm Flat,playing on my bloody computa. This monster was spawned. I am 63, not 43. Oh well I have my mana to preserve here, with the tough crew. So drew on my already failing reserves. And yelled. Hell this is fun. The HQ was set up. And as dawn fell upon us, I gazed out at a wonderous sight, a very sloppy sea, low tide. White waves, and then it started raining, driving into our faces. And I felt the wind gain a knot or two. Great sea I cried, Kahawai will be thriving in this.(Yeh Right) 7am was fast approaching. Like Knights from days gone bye, we were poised with our lances ready to joust with the mighty Kahawai. In the dim light I saw the Marshal raise his red flag. And GK yelled “Go” well I thought he said go, as I was trying to lip read, it was that windy. Out my first cast went, “Bait in the Water”, kinda thought to myself,isnt that a Deep Purple Song or is it from some other great rock band. Or was it “Shark in the Water” oh well I am out there and fishing. But then went to tighten my drag. Funny its not tightening. So slipped the spool off, and blooody hell, there is a bit of machinery missing. I had swapped spools in the dark, prior to “Blast Off” taking off my 30lb Land based Marlin Spool for my lighter 7kg “Kahawai Killer Spool” but a bit was missing. GK wanders over, ” Whats the problem Trev” .”I have a minor malfuction Gary, it appears my spool is missing several vital pieces of intricate machinery” and alas I am unable to tighten up my drag. ” Kindly handline me in so I can search in the sand for, what appears to be missing.

    Thoughts raced through my head, I am disgraced, my mana has flown out the door. Tangaroa, did not we not make friends. I did the right thing yet you have deserted me in my hour of need. To any onlooker, it would have seemed as if I was holding my head down in shame. But I will have you know it was the headwind and my very drenched hat. As Gary pulled, I hand wound and don’t you guys get any below the belt thoughts here. It was not like that.. When the job was done I was blown back to HQ, where I searched for my missing bits in sand, but as I scraped, the wind blew more sand in. I was on my knee’s. When in the wind I heard a voice. ” Look to the other spool Trev” Look to the spool”, I cocked my ear, friggen hell was this Darth Vader here at Papamoa.

    I gazed across at Neil, he of the Dark Side, no he wasnt him talking to me. Ah ha I thought, I know who this is. And reaching out in the pre dawn light, I took my marlin spool off the log I had placed it on. And there inside it, shining in all their glory was my missing bits. The wind whistled around me, ” Now Grasshopper” settle down. You are just a tad excited. Slow down. Put your Marlin spool back on. As those bits are there for a purpose. Your mana is somewhat challenged at the moment. But gather yourself, and you shall be rewarded.” And then for a brief moment the wind dropped, the rain stopped and in a far off cloud I do beleive I saw a wee glow. I respooled, and stood tall as I approached the breaking waveline and cast.

    To be continued.

    Cheers as always Hardy but aka Trev


    Now, where was I, well I had taken on board, “NO excuses just get out There”, right here or there I am, so I have done that right. ” Hard and Fast, was also running through my mind. But this was a fishing competition. Not a romantic interlude. And any way I have always believed that slow and steady did the trick. And have always stuck to that.

    A slow curving cast quietly dropped my prime bait into the ” Kill Zone” okay I was using Salted Mackeral, Warehouse Brand, and as Neil of the Hood said, probably packed about 1990. However it was splendidly presented on a Hotshotz Flasher, kindly supported by a hand painted custom round ball float, with the aerodynamic capabilty of a Bill Hohepa Tennis Ball. Why Salted Mackeral you may ask, well. No freezer in the motorhome, and forgot to buy fresh bait. And there were some other arrangements regarding bait, which at the last moment were altered. So all I had left was my rather salty Mackeral. Now note the words “SALTY” and “ALTERED, as when this story is finally completed. There will be a wee suprise to you lot, which was a mighty one to us. But more on that later.

    Well I now had my bait in the water, and it finally has come to me, the Song was ” Smoke on the Water” well I was kinda close. So its time to take up my favourite fishing position. As usual ” Slow and Steady”. So I recline in my seat, also Warehouse Brand of course. And no, I did not have a Jarvis Walker to match my bait, although they would have made a nice combination.

    The rest of the Team were grouped around James Rod. ” No doubt talking about me I thought, my skungy bait, my losing bits and then finding them in the spare spool. I just sat lower in my chair and tried to make a rolly. But that was a waste of time. Ten yellow zig zags later, I had a soggy mass. Good time to give up. But I did manage a few goodtime make me feel better but not really better sucks. That stuff is gunna have to go. Have the book and the patches. Soon eh.

    So I just sat in my chair, alone. Gazing out at the sea. And thinking Mmmmmmm, Nine hours of this, my first Comp, have I picked a real nice Comp for my first. Its certainly invigorating and there is no chance I will go to sleep, and I wont need a shower tonite. Gary wandered past to do something in his tackle box. Frig Gary, I cried, good looking sea, gota be something out there. My motto is, when in the depths of disparity, be positive. I think Gary muttered, “I have seen worse”. That certainly wasn’t a large ray of sunshine, but at least it did give me a small boost of confidence. Guru Kemsley didn’t only write a few books, why he still holds a few World Records for obscure catches in obscure places (which unbeknown to me at the time I was to hear about later). So I lifted my head and braved the driving rain. Gazing at my rod tip, or what I could see of it. Were my eyes deceiving me, was that ” An expression of Interest ” or just a passing swell. No, I was having a “Definite Inquiry” hell I sat up in my chair. In fact I jumped to my feet. Hardly a Rod bender, but it was now a ” Runner” and run I did. Yep he’s there, Now we all have different terms when we hook up, mine is “Gotcha ya Bastard”, Now don’t fall Off”. I notice my Team mates, say ” I am on”, I tried that once with a sheila and she said, ” Well don’t fall off”, so I just go for the ” Gotcha thing “.

    Well that got the Team back to me post haste. And in a brief time a measurer hit the Beach. ” First Blood”, to Hardy. Well I did a little dance, thanked me ole mate Tangamoana (gary pulled Sues sewing tape outa of his pocket) yep she’s 38cms and walked on air over to the Weighmaster/Marshal to record the first Kahawai weighed, not only for the Team, but for our sector of the beach. His first recorded fish of the day.

    Went back with a very large smile on my face. Guru Kemsley was most exhuberant, ” Go Team Hardy he cried” we are on the board” . Everybody rebaited, my bait, my prime Salty or was that Alty
    Mackeral was still intact. So out it went again. And bang 10 minutes later another measurer hit the beach, 37 cms this time. Right they are out there cried the Guru. Lets do it. I trotted up the beach once again to the Marshal, damm I have weighed in the first two. For his whole sector. I am the ” Man” Cloud Nine, things are looking good. See, I was right, when on walking down the track to the beach, I said, ” Bloody good sea for Kahawai” . ( Yeh Right). Well at the end of the story, I will tell you how many Kahawai we caught for the two days. Those two were worth $250.00 each. No wonder Kahawai fillets are so expensive up here at Papamoa in the shops. And from that you can guess how many we caught I guess. But let me tell you, there was a long hard road to go. And join Team Hardy on the way as we slowly but surely do, “The hard yards”. To Glory.

    To be continued.


    And so it starts, that time when you begin to do the hard yards. The rain got thicker, and the wind blew. At times we stood with our backs to the rods. Like horses in a paddock. The tide was on the make, and the small bite time we had encountered in the early hours was behind us. At some time in the morning, I had another small hit and well it was a rod quiver, and on checking. There was something on. Fiesty little bugga it was, got it in the wash, and it was zipping along the breaking wave face like there were tomorrows. It just happened to zip along to Neils line, where it Kamakazied my line. Gone, sinker, everything. Gladly it wasn’t a weigher. These days when you lose your terminal tackle, its not a cheap event. James I do believe tallied it up, not far off the $15.00 mark with all the tech stuff on. But hey thats fishing. Man, I said to Neil, what line you using there, Moi Moi, he chuckled, beats braid for cutting lines. And it was to strike again later, luckily without disasterous results.

    Gary latched onto a good Kahawai and got it into the wash, where it decided, once he saw the Guru’s gleaming smile, of “At Last” to take leave of Gary. Oh damm, it was a goodie to. And then just after lunch in came the Snapper. Not sure who got the first, James or Neil. But it was on. They seemed to be all along our sector of the beach. But still the odd Kahawai was coming in. We saw the winner of the Comp being caught and landed. That guy was maybe 80 metres from us. Had a short very whippy rod. And was maybe casting about 50 metres. But he was fishing the channel/gut by luck not expertise. Looked like he had a running rig, but in the rain it was hard to see. Certainly no clip downs or techno stuff.

    Man when he got that fish, he had it registered and was off the the HQ for an official weigh in post haste. The rules were if an equal weighted fish was caught, the first weighed counted. That young fella knew the rules, even if it was his second ever day fishing. His feet flew over the sand as much as mine, had previously did.

    Our fishing order was James on the Mount Manganui Side, then the Guru, then me, then Neil. Neil had to be on one of the outsides, due to flying lead, you know what I mean. Yep the ole grandfather clock complete with a pendulem. But this order of fishing had a purpose. Neil and James were the Picket Line. They picked off the snapper that strayed into our fishing/Kahawai Kill zone. And what a supurb job James done. That man derserves not only a medal, but a hearty or Hardy slap on the back for his sacrifice. I chose not to do the back slap, fearing a retalitory head butt. And I do beleive that James can deliver the goods when required, not only Kahawai but the head butt. Hell man, I am to young to die eh.

    Mid afternoon, Neils barge pole kinda went over, when I say barge pole I am not disparaging the Mighty Sonic SK4. It certainly gets a bend in it when Neil casts. Its just when it stands there, it seems so hard and stiff. It reminds me of what I used to have. When I was younger. Ok time for minds above belts again. I am refering to my old state of the art Kilwell Fibre Glass Wonder Rod circa 1969. Any way this fish did give it a bit of a bend. And after a time of the group gathering around Neil a nice weigher Kahawai hit the beach. So it was Neils turn to take the ” Walk of Triumph” to the Marshal/Measurer. And that sure is a nice walk. Your feet don’t hit the sand. James was doing a real good job on the picket line. Taking out a few undersized snapper and the odd kindergarten Kahawai.

    Now as to the Guru, well he was not having a happy day. Exquisiste Pillies with the most elaborate floats were being cast out and retrieved untouched. Although he did have a few smashs with no connection. Everyone else was on the motorway, but alas the Guru seemed to be on an un-named bypass. But his smile and true grit endured and he kept spurring the Team onto greater heights. Thats what a Team is all about greater heights. Its the spirit that counts. Every dog has his day is the saying, not that any of us are dogs. We are lean mean fish fighting machines, just waiting to pounce.

    And so the day came to an end. Neil and I off to weigh in at HQ, James and the ” Guru” off to first turn at the showers. So three fish for us for the day. Bill our host was presented with James prime condition snapper. He was over the moon. So although James did not score a Kahawai, he certainly scored us some points with our host.

    Clothes were strung everywhere on Bills front patio barby area. It was drip dry time. On went the clothes dryer.

    Final day tomorrow. That night a Team Meeting was held. Hardy was absolutely poked, and just kept saying, Yep Yep Yep, got that on board. Permission to sleep now Mr CEO. Granted and I was off to bed at 9pm. But hey I was keen as now. Set my alarm for 5am, I was rearing to go. I’m starting to love comps, and bring on the hard yards, I am starting to love them.

    Cheers Trev aka Hardy


    I sprang outa bed at 5am. On went the billy for a quick cuppa, and I was ready to go. Hell I had survived Day One, throw it at me “God of the Weather”, I can take anything after that thick rain day. Well that was the wrong thing to say, It Started to rain. Shoulda kept my trap shut, I guess. But hey had dry clothes on, and was togged up again for the best he had to offer. Couldn’t wait to get to the beach, I was fizzing at the bung. Eager with anticipation of ” The Big One”

    And so the convoy headed out again, to accept the challenge. This time we drove right out onto the beach, only a stones throw away from ” The Hardy Gang HQ’ gear was unloaded. And we awaited the approaching dawn, eager with positivity, Team Spirit( no not yours Frosty) and renewed energy.

    Our HQ was actually an old piece of log driftwood, the only bit around. But handy for me to cut my prime bait on. And if I kinda set out my gear the right way, it had all these nooks and crannys. Natures Tackle Box I called it. The Beach Marshall/ Measurer turned up in the gloom of pre dawn light. We had the same fella again. Neat, me and him were ole friends from yesterday. And I sure hoped our meetings that day would be plenty, as I once again took the ” Walk of Triumph” Well I had better set you guys straight, for this dude on Sunday, there was no “Walk of Triumph”, well not on the beach anyway.

    The previous night at the Real Fishing HQ, there had been talk of one Team having five fish, weighed. And on looking in the fish bins next to the Weigh In Caravan, there were some pretty large looking specemins. Guru reckoned, yep but those five could all be babys. So today we need fish. And that was the plan.

    Damm I thought, can I repeat my early morning opening of yesterday. At five to seven I was standing in the surf line, rod ready to go. “Not yet Hardy Gary yelled” wait for the Flag. Frig I yelled, can’t see it. I was “itchin to get fishin”. And yep it was raining, but strange, it wasn’t bothering me. In fact I had kinda got used to it. Me and the rain had made friends. I’m pretty friendly with West Coast Sth Island rain, and now me and East Coast rain were the best of buddies. Life couldnt be better.

    The 1.4 metre swell with a 2 metre wave face had not materialised, in fact conditions kinda looked a bit better than the day before. Up went the Flag, and out went the lines. Sinkers and baits arcing in the appraoching dawn as they were sent to do their work. It was like a barrage of mini Cruise Missles flying from the Coast.

    Gary and James, were back at our friendly log post haste, very busy preparing Pillie Baits. And I saw the odd green needle skirt being dressed. Neil was doing the Pillie thing to. What a Pillie Wrapping Contest was going on. It was almost like a contest in a contest. Bait elastic was flying everywhere. As each bait was prepared I glanced across to take in its beauty and elegance. A passing Papamoa Beach Beauty complete with bikini, would not have distracted from me from this Pillie wrapping frenzy. It was almost like a work up. Such was the hive of activity.

    Now I am not much taught in this Pillie wrapping art. The scungy specimins in the Freezers of my now distant West Coast, are about as appealing as a dead jellyfish fritter, with a similar consistency. How can I compete, I thought. Oh well time for my secret weapon. And reaching in my pack I located and produced, my Salted Bonito, whats thats stuff asked the Guru. Prime Warehouse Salted Bonito Sir, I replied. Aged and well soaked in an appetising sauce. ” Better Fresh “, he said. “I prefer aged Mr Guru”, I replied. Besides trying to buy fresh Tuna off the boats on the Coast is like trying to buy illicit drugs. Every fish box has a MAF Policeman hiding behind it. And they all seem to jump out at once to pounce on you, once the coin and the tuna has changed hands. You try to grab the tuna and do a runner, but they are as slippery as, “Your Deal”. The boat immediatley casts off with full throttle applied, and the Fishing number and name, go into stealth mode. The MAF Police fight each other to secure the evidence, but with no boat and no eager Surfcaster, anywhere to be seen. Its a bit of a no winner for them. What really pis— me of is the fast disappearing fishing boat has my coin on board, and my chance of a refund is about as slim as the MAF Police catching me. So that Guru Gary is why I have had to lower myself, to this rather unappetising piece of prime Bonito Tuna I had placed before you. Now having digressed.

    It is time for us to go catch some fish. ” Let the Game Begin” and so started Day Two of the Mighty ATM World Cup Kahawai Fishing Competition. This was gunna a day to be remembered and told to Grandchildren for eons to come. And yes, there was even ” Sex on The Beach” another old goodie song.

    At this rate, its gunna be at least another two chapters, frig, these Fishing Competitions not only tax your Fishing skills, they also tax your story telling skills.

    Cheers Hardy aka Trev


    Its so fitting that I finish this tale, as I sit here at Pikowai, ledgenary stamping ground of the WBSCC and our great and only Geno, hell one of that man is enough. There just arent enough beachs to go around. And thank god for Wireless Internet and T Sticks and Lap Tops. God I am in hallowed ground tonight me matee’s. Almost like I am trespassing. Yep Hardy snuck in here about 4.30pm.

    Had Stealth Mode on in the “Hardy Mobile” activated. Just in case there were any enemy around. No, I chose a good night. Only three in the house. All tucked up under these funny coconut tree’s dodging the brisk evening breeze. The only thing missing is a bottle of GGW and Geno. He has been” Team Hardys” aka “The Hardy Gangs” greatest friend, silently slipping us vital information through covert channels. A case of GGW was a small price to pay for such highly prized intelligence. Why we are even in recepit of the last committee meeting minutes from the WBSCC, not that they helped. And I was supplied with the first name of the Papamoa Rotary Clubs President. Geno even let it slip that Warehouse Salted Bait” was doing the Job in “The Bay of Pinkies” . That man is a legend.

    Right back to fishing. And once again the long slow hard yards started. I failed to repeat my opening performance, of the day before, try as I did, nothing was happening or happened. But thats fishing and besides, we were a Team. When one lonely soul, fishing a beach falters and falls to the wayside. Another will take up the challenge.

    And then the snapper began hitting the beach. Why even Gary got one. James got heaps, Neil was pulling the odd one in. Hardy was keeping up a brave face, and trying his best. But alas. It was not Hardys day.

    At one stage the Guru remarked Hardy, you are letting the Team down, kindly catch a snapper so the odds are with us. And we are evened out. It was around that time, the weather god decided to cut us a bit of slack. Just like that the rain stopped. The clouds parted, and the sun came out. Even the sea slackened off.

    Damm I knew I was buggered then, my North Island mates will thrive in this stuff. I ain’t called Hardy for nothing you know. As the wind dropped it gave one last whisper. ” Hardy Hardy, have I not smiled upon you, ” You have two arms, two legs, two ummmm errs. And two weighers, now be content and fear not, for my greatest suprise is about to come. Need I say, more.

    Bang over went Neils Rod and bang, over went James. Damm that was quick I thought Mate. Gary Guru didn’t know where quite to run. Neils Super Bloody Sonic had a bend it, a real bend. A bloody good fish bend. James more supple weapon was doing a dance all of its own. But yep it was really doing a real big bender.

    Neil was closer to me, so to conserve my failing energy, I became his support person. This was our Team Spirit, everytime someone hooked up, in came the support crew. This is Team fishing. The rules were you had to play and land your own fish. So we only offered vocal encouragement. But let me tell you, the previous day, when the Team were there with me, did it give me a buzz.

    We were all crying Kahawai, Kahawai, whats it feel like. Any head nodding. Don’t want that, Is it running, praying for a surface tail walk. Alas, no walk Neil had just secured a rather nice snapper. Oh buggar. Run back to James rod. Frig its still bending and really doing a number. ” Damm James you look like you have a winner on there mate. ” Ive got a shag Trev” he said, Good on ya I cried, I looked around the beach. Where is she, how old. Whats she like. My years reached back, as I recalled my younger days when I used to live in Rotorua, and visited the Mount, trying like hell to hook onto a shag. I had my ole Kilwell Special in those days.” Na mate” James, said, this one has wings. Well I knew how he felt as all my catches in those early days seemed to fly away. Before I got them landed.

    Hang on Bro, I’ll go get my towel. So off back to the pack and get the bird towel. Anybody ever tried a black backed humungous sea gull or a quick shag without a towel. Tales please. Those munters can bite. I’ll tell you what tho, James played that Shag magnificently. In with the wash, out with the wash it went. It was a yo yo shag. Neil was there to help, and I went up and down in the breaking waves with my towel. First throw was a bit remiss. Well it was a total miss. Neil and I discussed shags we had met in previous years and how we had dealt with them. I said, well I just kinda sneak up and get them, real quick like. Neil said he used the slow approach, and then struck at the last moment. So we adopted Position 44 out of the Karma Sutra and finally did the deed. It was just a wee wing wrap, I wanted to cut the bit of feather off, Neil must have cats, he did an untangle. And so another shag escaped us.

    Well it looks like there is going to have to be another bloody Chapter. As Gary finally, at last, after much time, many prime Pillie baits later, after many casts, after lunch and several breakfasts, a sleep in between and a shower and several Desiels later. It actually happened. Yep the Guru finally hooked up. About time to, CEO’s are not just window dressing, ya know. The one “The Hardy Gang” has,has to actually catch a bloody fish and not a bloody snapper in a Kahawai Fishing Comp. Boy was he coming close to looking for a new job, and the Hardy Gang does not do golden parachutes.

    So the next and final installment, Garys Fish and the final walk to triumph. The one we had set out to take, ” The Team Event”

    Cheers Hardy aka Trev


    I like the way you have extended the sentence..”well guys I went fishing”.my eye stays firmly plastered(sober) to an lcd screen waiting for the next episode of “coronation(bay of plenty style)street”…… :grin: :grin: :grin:


    I really must find time to read this one day :)


    OH how slow are we how much do we have to pay to read the last chapter… you build us up and then not tell us the last part..has gary told you that theres big money to be made in story writting and this is your first of many great fishing storys/books waiting for the end story..


    Hes working on it in between driving around the nth island !

    Was a bloody good comp in fairly average conditions .



    Just for Elmo and Ian of course.

    Slowly heading home. Palmerston North tonite. Ferry on Sunday morning, two days at Blenheim. Then back to Westport.

    Still one Chapter to come. And it hasnt been written yet.

    Maybe it was the sun coming out, but I am sure the Guru, put on a couple of inches. Or did that happen when he threw his shoulders back. Never the less, I did note he suddenly had this new inspiration. And the Pillie wrapping contest got even more inspired.After all he had to beat ” The Kahawai Duck” hell the man has a whole Chapter devoted to catching Kahawai in one of his books. Surely he can do it. Is this not ” Kemsley of the Bay ” , My god he only just scrapped to get in the ” Team” . This was not a ” Red Cod” Comp, it was the real deal. Fighting the mighty Kahawai at close quarters, man v fish. Pulling in pussy Snappers just doesn’t count. Take on the mighty Kahawai and you have a foe on the end. One that will fight to the death. Its either you or him. That is the way of nature, the mightest one wins.

    Okay Guru, time to get mighty, I thought, the clock is ticking. And Team Hardy needs some imput from you.

    I was back at ” The Log HQ’ when yep me ole mate returned. ” Fear not Hardy” I shall smile upon the ole buggar, I have toyed with him for long enough, shall I make him smile”. Bout time I replied. I hate seeing grown men cry. And he does write a good book. Ok Hardy lets see what I can do. And he was gone.

    Frig, quicker than bottled lightening over went the Guru’s Rod, damm I thought, now that was quick.(Again) Well I have seen rod runners, but I have never seen one that can fly. I swear his feet never touched the sand. And then triumphantly he yelled ” I AM ON” no need to yell Guru I murmured. It appears you have hooked up.

    Oh look it is running down the beach, why, I do beleive its a bloody Kahawai, and not a bad one either. In fact it is about to cross my line. Quick quick he cried, tend your rod, I need room to play this monster. Lift lift he cried, and just as I went to lift, he cried, ” No No drop, damm was he over or under. The support team came into help, aka Neil, James was a bit occupied , yep with another bloody snapper, and a nice one it was too. So Neil did some line lifting, I will never know if it was under or over, but Neil got it sorted. So I was back into fishing re-tightened on my drag. And watched the drama unfold.

    That Kahawai just didn’t like the Gurus welcoming smile, so it continued along the beach. Damm now its into Neils line. This is turning into a right panic situation. The Guru is sprinting along he beach, trying to keep up. This is surely a man v fish situation I thought. So of I went in the epic chase. Leaving my rod unattended. Gary is playing it like a true champion. Neil is winding frantically to get his line out of the ” Play/Fight Zone” and then suddenly its all on. We are in the Moi Moi line ” Kill Zone” beware the Moi Moi Man. Frig its in the wash, a bloody Kahawai, a good one. Hang on fish, Hang on Gary.
    Up it comes on a beaching wave, landed, at last.
    Bloody hell, you have no sinker Guru I cried. Frig grab that fish. None of us can help, dems the rules. And finally it was in the Gurus hands, now that is landed. The dreaded Moi Moi cut all Garys bottom gear off, but hurrah for Team Hardy, the vital bits were preserved, that also had a bloody nice Kahawai hanging of them.

    The Guru held his head high, as he walked back up the beach. Guess I had better go get it measured he said. Looks a keeper to me. My god he grew another two inches as he thrust his shoulders back, and with head held high advanced upon the weighmaster/Measurer.

    Yep the Guru caught a fish. a real fish, a Kahawai fish, well it was a Kahawai Comp, wasn’t it. Bout bloody time too, I reckoned.

    Well there is not much time to final weighin. But do we have enough grams. Four fish, will that cut the mustard, and shaft these Bay Of Plenty guys. Have Team Hardy come up to muster. Time will tell.

    Guess there is still more to come eh

    Cheers Trev aka Hardy


    The Final Chapter

    Hi All

    Well I could have said, we went, we caught and we won. But thats pretty boring stuff. So lets continue. Now where was I, oh thats right, GK caught a kahawai. Time was lost to me for a while that final day. I think the Guru’s was about 1pm or thereabouts. I was fishing automatically, bait in, bait changed, recast. What day is it, in fact what year is it. Things got worse, ” Who am I and where am I” can one actually have hallucinations at Fishing Comps. Na, it was all the ” V ” I was scoffing to keep me awake and be a fishing machine. The sky blended with the sea and the offshore Islands became distant seagulls. I heard someone say, one hour to go. Right my mind snapped back into ” Thinking Mode” instead of ” Full Auto”. Time for a last desperate gasp for the Team.

    Gary was onto it, desperate times call for desperate measures. And he was bolting on a bloody great Rapala Type Marlin shiny type lure. Frig I thought, look at the size of that thing. Its bigger than anything I have got. So I scrummaged around in the Lake in my Tackle Box. And found a No 8 Long Shanked Octopus Hook, a little something I had picked up from my trip to the Birdlings Flat Social Fishing Comp,(Canterbury) so social, I never got a hook in the water, but did pick up the most far travelled spot prize.

    On went the biggest chunk of Salted Fresh Bonito I could manage, to match the Gurus brightly coloured submarime type thingie. Whilst he cast and retrieved, I sat patiently waiting, thinking, as I could only cast it 30 metres, will I even be close to the kill zone. But at least we were giving our best last shot.

    Alas it was not to be. As there was only a half hour weigh in slot after Comp closing time of 3pm. And Gary had a weigher. So at 2.50pm. We called it quits. Loaded the gear and one half of the Team went back to Bills and the other to the Weigh In HQ. Time to get changed, unpack wet gear. Confidence was a wee bit low, after all only four fish for two days.

    So reunited we headed of to HQ, and what a great HQ it was too, even had a bar, and all in a great big Sports Complex at ” Dolly Parton Park” or was that Parton Road. Who cares, it was a great venue. Sporting our “Team Hardy” caps sponsored by ” Pure Fishing” we entered the arena. Tales of joy were circulating as well as tales of dispear. We grabbed a table, a bottle of booz each and quietly waited. We were only quiet as we were, well, pretty bloody stuffed.

    And so the prize giving and the usual recognitions (And Rightly So) associated with any sponsored event started.

    And finally we got to the ” Team Event” they called second first, damm it wasn’t us. My heart went down. I was figuring maybe we might have got third or fourth. But there was no third or fourth. And then the big one, ” The No 1, a thousand fine notes and the Inaugral Cup”. And the winners are announced by Bill Hohepa, TEAM ATLEE”. Frig I thought, we were so close, somehow, the winning team had a name close to mine, bit of a kick in the guts I thought ” Tangaroa” after all we have been through together. What a trick to play on me, letting a team with a name similar to mine win. Oh well thems the breaks. But nobody got up, no four guys suddenly leapt in the air. My heart stopped as Bill looked at the “Result Sheet” is that Team “ALTY” he said. ” Shit thats us I cried’, and four guys leapt from their cheers simutaneously and almost hit the roof. As soon as out feet hit the ground we were off. And that is how it happened.

    All that planning, travel, cunning plans etc had come to fruition. We had done it. Taken out the Team Prize. That was the one I was after. The biggest fish is a raffle as this contest showed. But the Team Prize does in my mind depend on skill, perseverance, dedication and true grit and the greatest one of all, Comarderie. And yep we were ” Brothers in Arms” no quarter asked and no quarter given. The only thing we gave each other was lots of sh=t, the way friends do. And true friends did we become. Remember I had never even met these guys before the Comp. It was all done through this forum, pms and emails.

    My thanks to the Papamoa Rotary Club, great job on a first Comp. Next year will be even better, as you will get positive and helpful feedback on the comments site on your webpage.

    To the Western Bay Surfcasting Club. What a great job you guys and gals did. Without you lot. this just wouldn’t have happened. My heart goes out to you all. a great dedication looking after your fellow surcasters. Only a very few of you could take part, (The Stationary Marshals) so here was the greatest Fishing Comp, right in your backyard, in fact on one of your beaches, and buggar, ya rods had to stay home. Thanks ya all. WBSC.

    And I will tell you this. The Team Event was sponsored by the WBSC and winning your Cup meant a far lot nore to me than taking out the ATM World Kahawai Cup sponsored by ATM. “Team Hardy” (Alty) will treasure their name on ” The Big Gold Cup” and those ain’t minatures you sent out. They are the real deal. And will sit in place of honour on four mantle pieces, around the country.

    And lastly to my ” Team” what can I say, Neil, a long way to come and thank you, Gary, you made a fine CEO, you will be kept on, sorry no pay rise, as you were paid nothing anyway. James, thank you for coming in with little notice. You my man, can make me laugh. And I can guess I can let this slip. I felt a bit humbled in the presence of you all, I learn’t a lot on fishing skills and all that goes with comps. You guys were the teachers and I the humble student. I learn’t well and will never forget. The ” Hardy Bunch” is indeed us.

    And no Neil I cannot talk about the fact that on arriving at the Beach at 6am Sunday morning that Captain Crapper of the Sudden variety decided to visit me. And as the nice Rotary Lady had said at briefing,” please do not use our beaches as toilets” I had to borrow your car and do a runner, back to Bills, and a right runner it was too. Ever tried getting out of chest high waders and parka and jersy to unclip the velcro straps. Frig it was close. and on returning to the beach, history repeated itself, so it was a double runner. Na I was to embarrassed to say. So told you all I had left my parka back at Bills. Hence my rather long absence. But hey was finally back for the cruise missle launch at 7am.

    And so end the tale, warts and all.

    Cheers Hardy aka Trev


    Hardy with the first weigher. Caught on a Hotshotz Green Flasher with epoxy bright eyes. Same Rig caught another one a few minutes later.

    Neil Angus of Wellington. (Known as Yehhah) on here. The man from the Dark Side and one of NZs greatest Distance Casters.
    With a snapper. Bugga it.

    But then he made up for it and caught ahhhhhh yep Kahawai.

    James Benge of Napier (Part of the Team). With yep another bloody snapper.

    The Happy Team at Prize Giving).

    Another even happier ” Hardy “


    The rig that did the damage. Kahawai just seem to love these Green Hotzshot thingies eh.

    My Son Mike with a nice fat Kahawai. Complete with green thing in its mouth.

    Cheers Hardy


    errr maybe Im speed reading or just ducking round the paragraphs but F..K me I cant find the size of the winning fish..Wasnt the comp for the biggest Kahawai? :grin: or was it too dinky?..Or is your journalistic prowess too proud to mention it? :???:


    2.83 kilo Birdlings. Hardly a whopper but it did the trick for a young Islander lad in his 20’s. Who only bought his rod on the Friday before the Comp. This was his first time out fishing.

    Cheers Hardy aka Trev

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