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    When you upload the image to imageshack.us it gives you the different codes you can use, go to the first one that says thumbnail for forums 1


    I would probably use a heavier line weight on that rig if you are targeting sharks


    cheers zac i think ive finally got it sorted anyway hope this helps someone as it is a rig i have found to combat toothy fish and as i dont usually aim for catching the big guys in the sea usually just the eadible ones ie 3-10 kgs i find the 30lb crimped works fine before it requires replacing cheers for your thoughts.


    Hey Man,
    Cheer’s for the plug.
    You have a very similar set up to mine. I am running 50lb power pro on a 12ft power play spooled on the AX90. I do a lot of rock fishing for the Kingies with this combo, it would be one of my favourites at the moment.
    I would actually still use mono if I was only using the combo for surf casting, due to wind knotes that can come with braid when doing big casts, those tapered leaders are the best idea, but the braid with a shock leader does do the job for me, and one does need the higher braking strain on the Kingies.


    Hey Kane,

    have had no problems at all with wind knots using the prower pro, did get a few when I tried fireline a while back and it was hideous for getting beaten up by the surf too quick (I fish mostly shelving beaches so its pretty rough stuff at times)

    Gonna give the kingies a crack next summer at taylors mistake. have an Eclipz (EC-90??)

    Sufix Fishing Line

    Hey Kane, How’s it


    Hey Bro,
    Yea good time had by all, turn’s out G’s finger was dislocated and broken!
    We are all good for braid, I am the agent for Power Pro. Prehap’s you would like to buy some?
    I have just been talking to my sales manager he is keen to trail the Sufix mono can you e mail through cost, spec’s etc.

    P.s I have a forum on my web site trying to get people to start using it feel free to check it out http://www.decoro.co.nz


    Sufix Fishing Line,

    Hi, was wondering if Sufix has any braid / Superlines on the market which is suitable to use for softbait fishing on a spinning reel?

    Something comparable to Berkley fireline or Rapala Titanium braid… So frequent and repeated casting should be possible without the risk of forming a wind knot or other tangle.

    Sufix Fishing Line

    Nasty, i hope you are giving her plenty of healing. Its a good thing the boys

    Sufix Fishing Line

    Hi Miliwolf,

    Yep we sure do. Sufix has a new braid on the market this year called Performance Braid designed specifly for casting. Its an interesting topic that. What features make the best casting braid. In my experience when casting with a spinning reel you are better off using a line with more body and stiffness. You are still going to get windage with the thinner lines but tip wraps and wind knots are considerably reduced.

    A point to note. Unlike Fireline and some others, Sufix rates all their

Viewing 10 posts - 76 through 85 (of 85 total)
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