Surfcasting in Manuwatu

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    Hi All,

    Currently living in Bulls & was wondering if their are any surf casting spot I could try between Foxton & Kia Iwi. Any suggestions would be great. :???:


    try looking at tackle tactics forums, they are full of north island info, most posts here are south island guys, cheers and good luck

    Fishy Bishy

    Bugger TT, drop into Feilding and talk to Phil Pearpoint at Turners, 71 Manchester St, its just near you.
    He will give you all the info you need without all the political backstabbing all too prevalent on the other forum.
    Tell him Lyndsey from Hot Shotz sent you in there and after he throws some shit about at my expense, he’ll happily help you. :grin:
    Santoft is a great spot and on your side of the Rangitikei River, Philip can direct you there.
    Head straight across from SH1 corner and follow your nose out to the beach, but you will need a quad to get up to Santoft, where the forest is.
    You could try at Tangimoana at the mouth of the Rangitikei, turn right southbound at the honey shop.
    All you will get there at present though is maybe a good Kahawai or two or Red Cod at dusk and sadly the spikey dogfish will be in about now till September.
    Inside the mouth is good solid fishing for Kahawai during summer, and the odd Snapper of good size are caught in the tidal areas close to the mouth.
    There are Salmon in there too!
    Not too many, not too big but they are there.
    You will need a licence to fish for them and while on the job, fish for sea-run trout there too and resident trout stocks.
    There is a boat ramp at Scots Ferry, near Tangimoana baches, great place to spin for trout on incoming tide. :wink:
    Hope you find some good spots up there, I did, heaps of them!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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