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    Fishy Bishy

    Tacklesave have just landed their range of selected clips suited to surfcasting.

    Ejector Clips (Imp Clips)

    Link Clips

    Clipdown Sinker Clips

    Impact Shields

    Relay Clips

    PLUS those sexy float beads in lumo with red spots and Chartreuse with red spots in two sizes 7.5mm and 10mm

    Easiest access with loads of pictures and options available through the website at


    Tackletatics has the genuine Gemini clips for virtually the same price, so think I would stick with them for the time being.


    only difference is you get moire clips through tacklesave. i bought 50 bait clips from them last week for like 15 bucks


    According to the figures on their website they are not much cheaper, they are slightly cheaper for the Bent down bait clips but more expensive on the standard clips.

    Standard Clips
    $6 for 15 from Tacklesave,
    $5.32 for 15 from Tackle Tatics

    Bait clips
    $6 for 15 from TackleSave
    $5.60 for 10 from Tackletatics.


    wah no diy’ers? make your own :D

    Fishy Bishy

    Hi Mili,
    Lower priced for stronger clips works for me.
    If you don’t want to save some money for higher grade product go right ahead and stick with your usual supplier.
    Quik Clips in 50pc for $15, Clipdowns for hook/sinker clips 50pc for $15, Ejector clips (IMP clips), 20pc for $15,
    (compared to your supplier, $15.30 for 10 Imp clips)
    Genuine branding stands for nothing when the products are all sourced from the same manufacturers.
    These then are “genuine” Tacklesave branded.
    The TT supplied quik clips are 24% dearer than Tacklesave’s.
    Quik Clips 15 for $5.60 is 37c each.
    Tacklesave (on TradeMe) $15 for 50 is 30c each
    Do your sums, plus TT have just upped their quantity to compete.
    (Thats the bit in red writing that follows their usual price)
    No worries, two can play at that game.
    Maybe they have been charging too much for too little for too long?

    Please yourself who you buy from Mili, Tacklesave’s reorder frequency speaks for itself.
    Why are Tacklesave lower priced? Because they buy direct from manufacturers, not UK wholesalers.
    Same manufacturers that supply the UK wholesalers….. so who is the winner here?
    You are for buying more astutely cutting out the middle man’s margin.

    Fishy Bishy

    Check this out for healthy competition.

    [b:5m1cjj78]Pulley Rig with Ejector (Imp) Clip, two traces and Float Beads just $9.90 [/b:5m1cjj78](cf T/T basic Pulley rig, no spare trace no beads for $9.95 but you can add two spare traces for another $6.50….. ? )
    [b:5m1cjj78]Ejector (Imp) Clips: 10pc $7.90 [/b:5m1cjj78](cf T/T $15.30 for 10)
    [b:5m1cjj78]Quik Clips: 20pc HD $6.00 [/b:5m1cjj78](cf T/T $5.60 light gauge for 15)
    [b:5m1cjj78]Clipdown clips: 20pc HD for $6.00 [/b:5m1cjj78](cf T/T $5.95 light gauge for 10)
    [b:5m1cjj78]Impact Shields: 10pc for $7.90 [/b:5m1cjj78](cf T/T 12.45 for 10)
    And for the record, Impact Shields are not protected by any Patent in New Zealand so T/T’s scare tactics mean nothing.
    Don’t fall for that rubbish…. :wink:
    Again this product is sourced from the manufacturer so are a brilliant price too!

    [b:5m1cjj78]Tacklesave is not afraid of competition.[/b:5m1cjj78]


    Fishy Bishy


    i personally would go with tacklesave, have delt with again recieved order extremely fast ordered it and got it with in 36 hours

    Fishy Bishy

    Quoting Mili from above[i:1k3t0vzb]….”Just did the sums, and I notice that TT quantities and prices remain unchanged… But Tacklesave has increased their quantity since my first post… If Tacklesave was better value why did they have to increase their quantity and why did you claim that TT has upped their quantities to compete when that does not appear to be the case?”[/i:1k3t0vzb]
    Tacklesave didn’t have to increase their quantities, they were already ahead of your chosen supplier in value for money and quality but, to prove a point, they now offer the goods at prices and quantities that T/T would be reticent to go to due to diminishing margins.
    T/T increased the quantity from 10 to 15 link clips as soon as they heard Tacklesave were out there. Phil hates competition, he just can’t cope with it.
    This is just the start and there are apparently big changes ahead for Tacklesave.
    Tacklesave are streets ahead of them in all aspects, just look at the happy customer above…… just the start….


    Only in TT defence they have a much bigger stock selection, But in saying this Tacklesave are proberbly only newbies and are yet to get all set up, Eg big range of rods and what not


    Fishy Bishy


    Now Now children play nice.

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