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    kaituna ian

    Could anyone tell me when using mussels as bait do you cook them first, I have only been using raw squid so far and sometimes raw fish.


    i dont cook em

    kaituna ian

    The fiery ginga


    Hi Kaituna , you can cook them ,but you loose some scent in doing so.
    Other options are Bait elastic, which is a stretchy cotton product available at most fishing shops, simply wind around your bait as required ,no knots needed.
    Bait sock, a muslin stocking type product, that you can make into a bait sausage, available at some stores, some of your/your wifes old pantyhose can work, at a pinch.
    Adding salt to any shellfish, draws out moisture,making the bait tougher,and it dosen’t seem to put the fish off.
    I just shell what ever bait im using , and layer it with sea salt in jar or iceream container, leave it to toughen up over night.
    Kept cool with lid on ,salted bait can last quite a while without refrigeration.

    kaituna ian

    Cool baitboy i have heard that before about salt that was my next question ,I shall be doing that next a seafood salted cocktail wrapped on with the bait elastic that i use anyhow to keep bait on when casting


    I always like to use my bait as fresh as possible, if I can not use fresh I would use frozen. Not a fan of salted or cooked bait.


    Plain salt ….NO anti caking agent ….
    $1.40 a kilo at BinInn


    Yep make sure you use non iodised salt when salting baits.
    I have done salted baits before mainly squid and its ok but fresh bait is definitely better. Frozen bait is good too provided its not thawed and refreezed too many times.

    kaituna ian

    Thanks for all your replys guys ,some handy pointers there in regards to salting ,
    fresh is best but salted will last the weekend.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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