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    fish on

    Hi Guys

    was thinking about doing a trip to Squally Cove this weekend and was wondering if anyone has fished there before

    is it worth the drive? or should i carry on to the French Pass

    is there good rocks or beach to fish from?

    is it private or public road?

    have heard you can catch some good snapper in and around that area so thought it might be worth a shot

    any help would be good



    Where is squally cove fish on?

    fish on

    its in croisilles harbour above okiwi bay


    The road is private, never been down it myself. It is possible to sneak through the pine trees from the main road a short distance from Okiwi bay but it is a long hard walk and you would be crossing private property. Although there is a few very nice points to fish off.

    I normally go to French Pass or launch my Kayak at Okiwi Bay. The forecast is looking excellent this weekend.

    Heading out that way myself this weekend.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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