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    Fishy Bishy

    This forum accommodates more spammers than any other forum.

    See ya, at least until the forum management actually manage the member list appropriately! :sad:

    Fishy Bishy

    HA HA HA, I told you so!!!
    Look at the most recent member registration!

    Hebei China Wedding..

    WTF has that to do with F**king fishing???????????

    Come on Allan get in there and ban these pricks, they are making a meal of the bloody forum and members have had enough!

    At least you could rename it and call it “The open slather billboard for the worlds losers to freely advertise on”


    he cant exactly do much about it if its coming from different places each time

    Fishy Bishy

    You just have to act like an administrator and be on top of it.
    As soon as these clowns are regisietred, they need to be removed.
    Have a look at the member list sometime and see how many are still there that have not been removed.
    Hell! If I advertised freely on here I’d be banned immediately!
    IP addresses are visible so can be banned, keywords can be entered to eliminate further attempts being successful etc etc.
    This forum has a high tech programme supporting it with gazillions of tools to stop this crap, all I ask is the admin team activate some of those tools, or add another moderator who can edit the member list as needed.
    I have offered several times, but no response unfortunately.
    Lately, less fishing or not, the members are posting less on here, probably due to the topics being buried in SPAM!
    Sad that those in control allow the lifeblood to be squeezed out of the forum. Time to clean up!

    Captain Hook

    Agree with you fully on this one Fishy Bishy.
    I also offered my services last year and they were declined.
    This forum has sunk to level that I don’t think the moderators are even logging on.
    It would only take a few minutes per day to remove offensive posts but these seem to stay on regardless.
    Probably do a world of good for all forum members to read the conditions they agreed to when they registered, especially the moderators, and start enforcing those conditions in an effort to save and rejuvinate what was once a very useful website.

    Captain Hook

    I guess there will be more of this rubbish coming up soon.
    The latest member to join at 10.15 last night looks as if it could be another one.
    Hope I’m wrong.

    Fishy Bishy

    And bugger me!
    Latest member….wait for it…. “Made In China”!!!!!
    May as well forget this Chinese billboard once and for all.


    Fishy Bishy


    someone REALY needs to sort out these ( hijackers ) coz its getting realy anoying


    SEE ( wife out man in dog house soon) WHAT THE HELL has that got to do with fishing?????

    Fishy Bishy

    Has anybody else also noticed that on the member list, just on page 12 alone, there are 18 spammers,
    NOT TO MENTION!!!!! the moderators on here haven’t even removed the crap that was posted by some idiot spammer last weekend!!

    If the moderators can’t be on here often enough to clean the SPAM up, find someone who will!!


    Sort the crap out or add a moderator to edit these pricks off the forum!

    This was a brilliant site and now it is splattered with mindless graffiti and the admin team allow it!

    NOT GOOD ENOUGH! :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:


    I offered and I’ve been moderator on other forums in the past but nothing has happened. I guess over the winter months when people seem to forget about fishing less people are going to be posting and the forum is going to get filled with spam. Stopping it is a basic thing and the solutions have been posted several times but still nothing has been done.

    I don’t know if this forum software is updated but in phpBB 3.0.6 and newer CAPTCHA/Anti Spam plugins are standard and just need to be activated in the admin panel which would solve pretty much all of the spam on the site. Older phpBB versions also have CAPTCHA but I don’t think its as good as the newer versions but should still work if enabled.

    Update is avalible here ( and all yellowfin has to do after updating is enable one of the CAPTCHA plugins and that should stop basicly all of the spam problems apart from human spammers which are less common and could be sorted out manually.

    It’s so simple to fix I don’t know why something hasn’t been done already.

    Also what are peoples thoughts about a new forum layout? Like instead of the Surfcasting section covering (terminal tackle, rods and reels, methods, casting, where and how to catch fish surfcasting ) there could be a seperate sub forum for different topics just to make things more organised. Also maybe instead of everyone using the “Latest Catches” thread they could make new ones depending on how big the post would be.


    The current format works for me. The forum is simply not active enough for sub-forums to be required in my opinion. In saying that, I basically go straight for the “Active topic” button and rarely via through the different forums anymore. By navigating via “Active topics” I rarely see any old spam so it does not bother me much and from my experience the moderators do a good job getting rid of it.

    The Fishing Lure board could be turned into a sub-forum of Tackle Talk I suppose.

    The sheer size does make the “latest catches” a bit difficult to search through but it does keep everything in a chronological order which is useful. So I am content with the current layout.


    I cant delete any members on the forum, only Allan can and he doesnt seem to care to much, Have asked in the past if we can have a prune of the members as most, i wold say about 80% are spam bots. Mods can only ban.
    I have been slack lately (sorry)as Ive been away since early May and interent access has been limited, the only way to get any other mods added you have to talk to Allen and seeing as he doesnt vist the forum to often a PM would be about the only way,


    I’m sure he visits the forum and keeps up with whats being posted just doesn’t take the time to post himself.

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