Softplastic on a Salmon rod.

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    I have just had a crazy idea.

    Softplastics and soft protein baits are becoming increasing popular in the North Island Snapper fishery, and they do seem to work well on most species.

    So I was trying to think up ways to use large SP in the surf.

    Firstly I would need a suitable rod. Most SP rods are light spinning rods. But I need a ‘heavy duty’ spinning rod. The obvious answer (At least for me) would be to use a Salmon Rod. (Something like that … =103834484)

    Salmon fishers cast out ‘heavy’ lures and retrieve them in for hours on end. Is there any reason why I can not replace the Salmon Spinners with a heavy Softplastic?

    Any other suggestions for a suitable rod?


    you could try rebuilding a 9 weight fly rod with a low mount reel?


    Yeah, could be a option.

    But I now believe it is a waste of time to go softplastic fishing off our beaches.


    Why not try a lure rod with a soft plastic and tie some soft hackle feathers to it and use a heavey jig head.


    Maybe, but when I checked out the chch stores expecting specialized long casting spinning rods for salmon all I found was a bunch of generic saltwater fishing rods.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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