Small boat (dinghy etc.) fishing in canterbury

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    Sweet good stuff. With the current south swell, little akaloa heads and okains bay heads are definiately within reach if your equipped and comfortable heading out there. Theres allsorts out there including blue cod and the occasional kingfish out there(might be too cold for kingies at the mo). Otherwise i’m definiately keen to try any new spot in the next hols with you on the peninsula or kaiks!


    Gidday Boys
    Took the dingy out today with one of my mates to wainui
    fished the rocky outcrop /island out of wainui and got 4 legal cod stoked!
    also got and returned 1 red cod, a large skate, a few dogfish so pretty good day
    But the highlight of the day was just after we first dropped our lines a small boat came up beside us
    filled with sacks. the man yelled ” You boys want a salmon?”
    “hell yeah” over comes a 12lb salmon thanks to the driver of the akaroa salmon boat. I will be eating well tonight!
    cheers stringman


    Hello everyone
    I’m a newbie to fishing, had to take it up as my son got a rod from his gran for Christmas. To give myself something to do when I took him out I also bought some gear, it seems like a pleasurable way to spend some time together, however it would be enhanced somewhat if we got a fish, or even a bite :grin: .
    I have a question for Cookasaurus, you mention fishing off the rocks at Peraki Station. Firstly is “the right hand side” looking out to sea? And do you mind if I ask what lures or bait you use.
    I have been reading books etc and the guys at the tackle shop have been quite helpful as well.
    Thanks, James


    Good stuff Stringman! Gonna have to give that place another shot! I was okiwi bay by Nelson a few years ago and had a similar experience with the oyster guys there!
    All i caught over the weekend was a cold from skiing Mt Donson, but blue skies atleast…
    Never too late to start James. I stared with my dad off the akaroa wharf a good 15 years ago and haven’t stopped since.
    Yes looking out to the sea on the right side. I’ve got my hd back so will dump some pics in the Peraki post.
    Squid’s always good as you know it’s still on the hook but try get the stuff packed with the guts still (like in kaikoura servos). Otherwise pipi’s
    and tuatuas (i think) (the big white shelled ones from taylors or south shore shallows), and salted bonito with elastic wrapped around it.
    Take a ton of hooks and sinkers if you haven’t by now how many those dam rocks or fish can swipe!




    If the rocks are taking to many sinkers then use just a hook, much of the time there is enough weight without the need of a sinker.


    Good point Miliwolf.It’s worked for me alot with snapper in the sounds, but not sure if it would sink enough (quickly +tide action) for the cod?!

    forafish check out my Peraki station post as i’ve updated it with more pics to give you a better idea


    I have used it with success in surf before while fishing from rocks. Probably would not work if the sea is big but if thats the case probably should not be fishing from the rocks anyway.

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