Small boat (dinghy etc.) fishing in canterbury

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    Thought I’d add my experience and see what others have also!

    Firstly I’m fishing off a 2.8m inflatable with a 4h4st merc. Gets me to places eventually!

    1 person 25kmh planing. myself and girlfriend only just plane!

    I popped out to okains bay heads to the left by the vertical pillar and around there in March or april (i think).

    Pulled up a few perch, rig, lost the barracouta (happily), Kahawai(64cm), and a few big ones that got away on 50lb line.

    Had no luck in port levy over christmas but didn’t make it out to the heads.

    Have fished Peraki station half a dozen times(banks peninsula south past tumble down and te oka) and always pulled up blue cod,

    perch and an octopus one time.

    Kaikoura mornings fish well for blue cod.

    Havn’t really tried anywhere else in Canty but have had good luck in sounds with other mates( snapper and trevally by the dozens, legally ofcourse)

    Any info or questions go for it!

    I’m also keen to head out anytime esp if people have similar setups and want to be safer with 2 small boats.

    Just give me few days heads up as ii’m in my final year studying.



    Hi , where abouts did you launch from to get to Peraki station ?


    Nice post and thanks, Im planing (fingers crossed) to get a 3m inflatable for summer.


    No worries, the boat’s been more fun than I would have imagined!

    Look at getting an inflatable with either an inflatable or solid keel and a motor (8hp+)
    that will make it plane with 2-3 people as this is what i’m planning to upgrade to next.

    Tested one the other day with a 15hp and it was on the plane within a second!

    I actually launched in peraki station.

    The roads are all publc right down to about 400m from the beach, then just pop into the house on the right over the thin walking bridge
    and ask the farmers who are really nice and have never had a problem the last dozen times. Good rock fishing here too but a bit of a trek
    around the right hand side (30min), but it always produces blue cod.

    I just drive down to the beach (farm track that can get muddy but 2wd car is usually fine) after asking the farmers, pump up the boat and then
    head out to the heads and around the points. The bay is nicely sheltered with firm sand and i’ve seen them launching trailer boats there also, but
    that’d be a tiring drive with a trailer on shingle from Chch if you’re thinking about it.

    Hope this map works. … 28374&z=12

    Another option of heading up to the summit is Kinloch rd as it’s sealed compared to Okuti valley rd/ Reynolds valley rd and about the same distance in the end. … 7&t=h&z=13

    And a third option is pop over from Wainui. Slower if you’re coming from Chch, but very close if your in the bays.


    Corsair bay (Lyttelton)

    Little akaloa

    64cm Kahawai Okains bay heads

    Okains bay heads view.


    i have a 12ft alloy and have a great time when i use it , most of the time i go up to kaikoura for a couple of days with my caravan and freedom camp up by whypapa bay.. catch blue cod but not much sea perch,and a few other kinds of fish..gone to motunau beach a few time but not had much luck a few blue cod, sake, big doggies..havt been out at any other bays as i dont know how to get there or if there was any good fish were there, but will have a go in the summer thanks for the info


    Thanks for the info cookasaurus, ive got a 3.2 mtr inflatable with 15hp merc. I havent had it out much in the last couple of years but will do more fishing around the the southbays next summer. Mainly use it for spear fishing off , so that peraki station looks like a good launching spot.


    You fit two people in that boat?


    Nice pics Cookasaurus, and a neat little rig you’ve got there.. that is all you need on a good day to get you out there.. we use to do alot of fishing at Te-oka bay, from a dinghy and off the rocks..back when the fish were more prolific than seals lol.. we would nearly always come home with a feed of blue cod.
    That reef off Peraki bay has always been of interest… I have the phone number for the farmer somewhere, although I haven’t made it there yet,
    the local yakka’s also seem to bag some nice trumpeter and cod around that way.


    2 people’s easy zac. I’ve had 4 in 2m swells :) Not the smartest thing i’ve ever done. Yeah the boat is a good little setup. I’ve got an umbrella to put up for sun and rain too and the second one hasn’t blown away yet. I can’t wait for some warm weather and calm seas so I can have more of an adventure over there hopefully with a second boat as it’s fairly imtimidating by those cliffs with no one in sight!


    How much does it cost for a small boat like that?


    Anywhere from 1200-2000 would get you something small like mine, and then more moolah equals larger boat and engine. focus on a sound engine, I’ve been in stiches watching a mate try start his before I finally towed him back in mine (surprisingly easy)


    Hey guys i am after some of your knowledge
    I have a small 3.1m tinny and in these school holidays i am keen to use it a bit more
    was just wondering if you guys knew any spots that i could head out of and catch some sort of fish that it is easy to launch and easy to get to by road
    my thoughts were south bay? Wainui?
    i am after any help i can get


    What hp have you got on the back? South bay near the rocks is best for blue cod. Terakhi, kahawai perch etc further out in kaik. Havn’t had much luck at wainui on that point but there is a mussel or salmon farm worth looking at towards the heads on that side. For us in canty it pays to check out the surf websites especially in winter to see whats poss abd what areas are protected. Swap sides on banks peninsula with N or S swells. Same with kaikoura point, so south bay isn’t your only option. I’d be keen to head out with ya somewhere in the next holidays as they’re similar to uni, but i’m enjoying the ski season for the moment!


    8hp planes comfortably with 2 people inside. Thanks for the help man yea would be keen next holidays two

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