Shellfish beds at Marlborough's Marfells beach 'not recovering' after quake

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    Allan Burgess

    Shellfish beds at Marlborough’s Marfells beach ‘not recovering’ after quake
    East Coast Protection Group committee member Rob Peter at Marfells beach in 2017.

    By Alice Angeloni, 13 June 2019

    Shellfish beds on Marlborough’s east coast are in “real trouble” and have deteriorated since the Kaikōura earthquake, conservationists say.

    Concerned over the welfare of shellfish beds, the East Coast Protection Group has been monitoring shellfish numbers along a 1.2-kilometre stretch between Marfells Beach and the Cape Campbell Lighthouse.

    Fifteen tests conducted in March showed hundreds of empty juvenile shells, but no live shellfish.

    A series of 10 random tests after March found only two living shellfish; one 11mm pipi and one 10mm whelk. To read the full story go to

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